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Luna’s Howl Legendary Pinnacle Hand Cannon

Luna’s Howl

The Adventure of Luna’s Howl

Luna’s Howl one of Destiny 2 premier Pinnacle Hand Cannons. Let Destiny Carries help you to complete the quest of Luna’s Howl. One of the first pinnacle weapons. They are both Destiny 2 pinnacle weapons that come with some spectacular perks.

The quest starts by visiting Lord Shaxx and pick up the Shock and Denial quest card.

Shock and Denial is one of the most challenging pinnacle weapons pursuits to complete. You must have some extreme hand cannon skills and a bit of luck on your side. Let take a closer look at the steps required for the adventure of unleashing Luna’s Howl.

There are series of steps you need to complete to unleash one of the best Pinnacle hand cannons called Luna’s Howl.

Destiny Carries and LFG Luna’s Howl Carry

Get ready for one of the ultimate legendary hand cannons with this Destiny Carries and LFG Luna’s Howl carry. This weapon is one of the best, combining impressive stability with outstanding damage — and with the Majestic Howl perk, it can down someone in just three shots.

Majestic Howl: The Secret to Luna’s Howl

This perk is very simple: hit someone in the head twice, and the third shot does extra damage no matter where you hit them. As a result, it does impressive damage that makes it ideal for both PvP and PvE games, and it can be upgraded further with the Not Forgotten mission. This reduces stability slightly but lengthens range massively, letting you hit shots from across the arena.

Of course, Luna’s Howl requires a mission, and Lord Shaxx is the one to go to. It named after a Guardian’s deceased dog, and each mission is named after a stage of grief. You have to complete seven separate missions as a result:

  • Shock and Denial
  • Pain and Guilt
  • Anger and Bargaining
  • Depression and Loneliness
  • The Upward Turn
  • Reconstruction
  • Acceptance

The first stage is simple: complete 10 Crucible matches in the Competitive playlist. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose as long as you complete them.

The next step is a little harder: You need to defeat 150 opponents in Competitive matches with final blows from hand cannons. Assists don’t count.

Then, you have to defeat 200 opponents with the final blow with a solar weapon.

For this next stage, you simply have to play three Rumble matches. Again, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose.

Next, you have to defeat opponents with 100 precision final blows from hand cannons, and then the final step is to reach the Fabled rank (2100).

Finally, you simply need to return to Lord Shaxx.

All of this can sound very simple, but it is a grind to get this hand cannon. Many people find that the grind can be a little much, but others find it to be highly satisfying. Either way, it can take a long time to rack up enough kills with the precision required to qualify for Luna’s Howl. Even worse, you may have to get other qualifying weapons that are capable of delivering knockout shots before you even can start on these missions.

Getting a Boost From Destiny Carries and LFG

Depending on what you need to achieve, Destiny Carries and LFG can offer a range of boosts to help you reach the top. You can choose us to carry out the full questline from start to finish, or we can complete the elements that you’re struggling with, such as the 200 Solar kills or simply killing 150 enemies in Competitive matches.

These boosts help you achieve the weapon that you need so that you can play to your fullest potential. We use some of the top Destiny 2 players to achieve your goal with this Destiny Carries and LFG Luna’s Howl carry.

Brief look at the steps that need to be completed

  • Complete ten competitive matches
  • Finish three Rumble matches
  • In Competitive Playlist, Get hundred Precision Kills with Hand Cannons
  • Terminate one hundred and fifty predators in the Competitive session with Hand Cannons
  • Achieve two hundred Solar Kills in Competitive playlists
  • Acquire the ‘Fabled’ level in Glory playlist
  • Proceed to Shaxx at the tower to unleash Luna’s Howl Hand, Cannon

Luna’s Howl Perks

Some fantastic perks are encompassing Luna’s Howl.  

They include:

  • Precision Frame:  Intrinsic Perk. The recoil pattern is predictably vertical. Fires quickly with high accuracy.  
  • Polygonal Rifling: Reduced recoil barrel, increases stability. 
  • Drop Mag: Magazine drops when reloading which wastes ammo, but increases reload speed.
  • Zen Moment: Causing damage increases stability. 
  • Magnificent Howl: Rapidly landing two precision shots grants a short period of bonus damage until the next kill or miss. 

Let’s Break down the Weapon Questline

Meet Lord Shaxx at the tower to gain access to Luna’s Howl quest called Shock and Denial.  An excessively long journey that not everyone can complete. Skill and luck will play a part in this quest. You must finish various daunting quest steps mostly in the competitive playlist and earn Glory Rank.  

Destiny Carries LFG offers various boosting services for you, including Glory Rank Boosting.

Steps for the Luna’s Howl Quest

Shock and Denial

  • Finish ten crucible matches in the competitive playlist.

Guilt and Pain

  • Destroy one hundred and fifty opponents with the final blows which are from the Hand Cannon in Competitive Playlist. Assist do not count.

Anger and Bargaining

  • Destroy two hundred comandante using the Solar final blows which have to be complete in the crucible competitive playlist

Depression and Loneliness

  • Finish the three Rumble Matches

The Upward Turn

  • Destroy a hundred opponents using precision final blows – using a hand cannon in the crucible competitive playlist.


  • Get to the Glory rank of Fabled. 2100 Glory Point.

Luna's Howl Hand Cannon Perks

Precision Frame

Precision Frame

 Fires quickly with high accuracy. Recoil pattern on this weapon is more predictably vertical.

Polygonal Rifling

Polygonal Rifling

 Increases stability • Barrel optimized for recoil reduction.

Drop Mag

Drop Mag

Magazine drops on reload, wasting ammunition but greatly increasing reload speed.

Zen Moment

Zen Moment

Causing damage with this weapon increases its stability.

Magnificent Howl

Magnificent Howl

Rapidly landing two precision shots increases the next shot’s damage and range for a short duration.

Luna's Howl FAQ's

This Destiny Carries and LFG Luna's Howl carry is available on all four platforms:

  • Xbox
  • PlayStation 4
  • Stadia
  • PC

One of our experts will sign into your account and complete the missions. We communicate with you when the missions are done so that you can get back to your game.

We only offer to sign onto your account and play as you as we find this offers the most effective way to gain the loot you need.

We get this question all of the time.   Destiny Carries LFG is a completely legitimate website and have accumulated lots of feedback from satisfied customers.   Check out our reviews section.   The bottom line is we will need your trust to do an account recovery, and all we can do is prove our history with reviews.  We encourage you  to change your password the moment we tell you that your order is completed.

We will need a hand cannon and and a solar weapon.

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