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    Deathbringer Rocket Launcher


    Deathbringer: An Exotic Void Rocket Launcher

    Deathbringer Exotic Rocket Launcher.

    If you are seeking a weapon that is going to get your one-hit kills almost every time, Rocket Launchers are the way to go. The Deathbringer is an Exotic Void Rocket Launcher, though, meaning it is not only twice as powerful but also packed with perks that give the weapon Void Orbs as a potential attack.

    The Perks of Deathbringer

    The primary perk for this Void Rocket Launcher is Dark Deliverance. This perk is favored among many Guardians as it is a significant damage do-er.

    Allowing your weapon to remotely fire detonated projectiles that drop Void orbs on the enemies, it packs one heck of a punch.

    Realistically this creates a monster of a rocket launcher, as the weapon on its own is powerful for reasons of similar suit already. If you are looking to demolish enemies with single blows, this is the weapon to work for.

     Another popular perk for this weapon is Dark Descent. It creates a  damage increase as the Void Orb falls further away to said enemies.

    Don’t watch this weapon fall into the hands of those around you. Be one of the first to obtain such a master of the meta. You can count on this piece to bring you success in both the campaign and Crucible alike.

    There will be other perks, but with the shift in format to Curated Rolls, it is a toss-up which will be attached. The potential is there for a variety of rolls, though, so don’t let it be the least bit discouraging.

    Quest Guide

    The quest for the Deathbringer is gnarly, a real assessment of your character, but if you are up for the challenge, this gun is worth the work.

    It begins with completing the Shadowkeep campaign, letting your Guardian access bounties from Eris Morn. The one you are looking for to retrieve this weapon is called “Lunar Spelunker.”

    This quest will relinquish an item known as “The Memory of Sai Mota.”

    Eris Morn is going to request that you cleanse this piece, which acomplished through the defeating of Nightmares with Arc abilities.

    Following that, you are going to take the portal where Eris Morn used to be. Follow the path that leads you to her. Interact with Eris when your opportunity arises as to when you arrive, she will be busy in conversation.

    Once you’ve spoken, there will be a chest for you to open. This chest contains your next quest for the Deathbringer- Symphony of Death.

    Symphony of Death has three main objectives, which all relate to the bone collection. You are going to collect these bones from public events near three different locations; the Hellmouth, the Lost Sector K1 Revelation in Sorrow’s Harbor, and from the Bone Collector on the Moon.

    These are the items you are seeking from the previously listed locations, with indicators of how to retrieve them.

    • The Festering Bone- Hellmouth public event
    • The Ritualistic Bone- Lost Sector in Sorrow’s Harbor, k1 Revelation chest
    • Bone Collectors Marrow- Anchor of Light, though he may appear in a few other locations on the Moon.

    The retrieval of these items is a clash of strategic yet straightforward. They do not mark the end of this quest for Deathbringer, though. Following the bone retrievals, there is the murder of a certain Wizard that has to take place.

    The quest moves forward with The Scarlet Keep strike. You will need to finish most of this before you find the wizard you’re looking for to complete the Deathrbringer challenges.

    Don’t play this part with random people as it can disrupt your progress. It is essential to keep your team informed, all gaining up on the enemy before you deal the final blow.

    Next in line is the collection of your enemies screams. This means that you need to defeat red and yellows bar enemies and even bosses.

    Don’t feel overwhelmed with this part of the quest. If you are beginning to wonder about your team, reach out to the Destiny 2 Carries and LFG board, as we are here to help you with any strife or struggles.

    Once the screams are collected, you can return to the Circle of Bones. Here is where you will come across the new quest that is awaiting. This is going to take you to the Catacombs to face more enemies.

    This part of all this pursuit recommends that your Gear Score is at 920, but this is not quite the case. It is pretty simple, and if you could complete the previous tasks, this one will be no problem. Defeat the enemies and the wizard at the end to get a finished count for the skull. Once you return to Eris Morn, you will retrieve your Deathbringer!

    Weapon Stats

    Stability 62%
    Handling 69%
    Reload Speed 40%
    Velocity 46%
    Blast Radius 95%

    Hidden Stats

    Aim Assistance 72%
    Weapon Size 36%
    Zoom 20%
    Recoil 58%
    Bounce Intensity 42%

    Curated Rolls

    Dark Deliverance

    Dark Deliverance

    Fires remotely detonated projectiles that drop void orbs on enemies. Hold to fire. Release to detonate. 

    Volatile Launch

    Volatile Launch

    This weapon is optimized for an specially explosive payload

    Alloy Casing

    Alloy Casing

    Reduces weight for faster reload 

    Dark Descent

    Dark Descent

    The further a voice orb falls more powerful it’s detonation becomes

    Composite Stock

    Composite Stock

    This weapon has a versatile dual purpose stock

    Empty Catalyst Socket

    Empty Catalyst Socket

    An exotic catalyst can be inserted into this socket



    Upgrades the weapon to Masterwork

    Where to go from here?

    Are up for the challenge, select from the drop boxes above to help us form to fit your weapon to your Guardian. Warlock, Hunter, or Titan; which character type are you looking to equip the Deathbringer to?

    If you are unsure because of the hefty questline, reach out to Destiny Carries and LFG for some guiding or overall assistance. DCLFG is here to help you with all your Destiny 2 goals and then some.

    Stay tuned for blogs related to this questline if you are stuck on doing it yourself, as they may be a big help to some of the more daunting specs. Hope to see you out there, Guardians, suited with the Deathbringer by your side!

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