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Breakneck Auto Rifle Pinnacle Gambit Weapon Destiny 2

Breakneck Auto Rifle Quest. Our experts will complete the Gambit quest for the Breakneck Auto Rifle, a precision auto rifle. Breakneck’s unique perk is Onslaught, which causes the gun to fire faster the more stacks of Rampage it has active, in other words, a damage bonus earned after getting a kill that stacks up to three times. To get Breakneck Auto Rifle, you’ll need to get 500 auto rifle kills, kill 150 challenging enemies, earn 100 auto rifle multi-kills and complete 40 Gambit matches.

With a new Destiny 2 season comes new epic pursuits that let players acquire some of the most powerful weapons the game has to offer. The first-ever Gambit pinnacle weapon for Season of the Forge is called Breakneck, above all, it’s an overpowered auto-rifle.

Great perks for the Breakneck Auto Rifle

Breakneck Auto Rifle is a kinetic precision auto rifle, in other words, it’s a slightly slower rate of fire with longer range and greater precision, similar to the Hazard Cast. It comes with Rampage, a typical weapon perk that temporarily increases damage by about 21 percent after a kill and stacks up to three times. The unique perk makes Breakneck Auto Rifle a real game-changer, Above all, “Onslaught” increases the rate of fire increases as Rampage is stacked.

In PvE activities with large crowds of lesser enemies, Breakneck Auto Rifle is an absolute beast, in addition when paired with passive abilities like a Striker Titan’s Rally Barricade or Hunter’s dodge that can instantly reload.

Onslaught and Rampage perk together on this Amazing Auto Rifle

Breakneck’s unique perk is called Onslaught, for instance, causes the rate of fire to increase as Rampage stacks. As a reminder, Rampage activates by killing enemies, and by killing enemies rapidly, Rampage can stack up to three times. So as Rampage stacks, Onslaught takes over causing Breakneck to fire faster, which then increases the ability to chain together more kills and keep both Rampage and Onslaught going. Paired with the Warlock’s Lunafaction Boots or the Titan’s Rally Barricade ability, Destiny 2 players can keep firing at waves of enemies and putting out a ton of damage.

Breakneck Auto Rifle is one of Destiny Pinnacle Weapon.

To get this pinnacle weapon, players will need to focus on Gambit. After picking up the quest from The Drifter in the Tower, after that, players will need to complete a number of objectives in Gambit. However, unlike a multi-step quest like the Crucible’s pinnacle weapon, The Mountaintop, players can complete all these objectives simultaneously.

Before players can complete the quest and grab Breakneck from The Drifter, they will have to go into Gambit and:

  • Get 500 Auto Rifle Kills
  • Get 100 Auto Rifle multi-kills
  • Defeat 150 challenging enemies
  • Complete 40 matches
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