Preparing for Shadowkeep

Published: September 22, 2019PREPARING FOR SHADOWKEEP


Preparing for Shadowkeep with Destiny 2’s new Shadowkeep expansion only two weeks away, there’s a lot to prepare yourself for before the beginning of season 8. Between the weapons, armor, class changes, stat alterations, and the shifts in buffs and nerfs- the challenge to be ready is ever present. There is a discussion about what this massive change in content means for the entirety of Destiny 2.

Is Destiny 3 out of the picture now? Does Bungie have a game plan with the recycled material? Why so much focus on character creation? These are all questions I feel I’ve asked a few too many times, and now have found the answer’s to. If you’re wondering about the future of Destiny and how to prepare for it, let’s get started.


Quite a few new weapons are releasing’s for the Destiny 2’s latest expansion Shadowkeep. With the range of options in class and style, combined with the altering of stats and buffs, there is a lot to prepare for to ensure you have the right guns for the release. Exotic and legendary weapons are all moving progressively with Shadowkeep, and it’s something that affects each Guardian a little differently.

Preparing for Shadowkeep when looking into these weapons and perks that are attached to them, it should be propelling a personal question of direction, in terms of characterization. What types of guns are a better fit for this new terrain? How is your signature strategy going to be adapted to this new gameplay?

Take a look at what is in front of us right now and begin to prepare for weapons you’re going to want to farm for so you have them before the release of season 8. Don’t let yourself fall behind from the starting gate; this game is about dedication.


Hush Gambit Pinnacle Bow

This piece is from the quest from Drifter. It is promising just for its class as bows are receiving some beneficial buffs in Season 8. It is a stand above Breakneck in aggressive terms for the Gambit Pinnacle status pieces. It still doesn’t have all the favor it could as hip firing isn’t where it needs to be for a lot of players. Gambit Hush

Breakneck Gambit Pinnacle Auto Rifle

This Pinnacle Breakneck auto rifle obtained from the Drifter’s quests and is a favorite for fans before and now because of how compatible; certain perks are with strategic game play. Mods and adaptations to this weapon are what make it worthwhile.  I am excited to see what these new changes will bring for this Pinnacle Auto Rifle.

Oxygen SR3

Oxygen SR3 Vanguard Pinnacle Scout Rifle

A different weapon in conversation right now, this piece holds potential as the Scout Rifle buffs are trying to be something more than ever before. At the same time though it’s a ubiquitous weapon in the game and may end up just being a simple filler weapon. You can retrieve it from the Zavala quest if you so desire. Oxygen SR3 Vanguard Pinnacle Scout Rifle.

Sweet Business Exotic Auto Rifle

This Exotic auto rilfe is a fun one, beings it’s not quest retrieved by a quest. Random drops, Xur sales, and engrams are how you can obtain it. All are ways to get this sweet stash worthy weapon. The great thing about Sweet Business is that loaded with gun specific buffs on top of the auto rifle ones that are universal. I would say this is a selection to stay on the look-out for trying to obtain. There is the assumption that it is in Crucible as well.

MIDA Multi-Tool Exotic Scout Rifle

So, this weapon has a bit of a storyline to it. Once all the rivals from the Vanilla story missions are completed. The simplest of exotic quests will be opened up to you as a Guardian. This quest that begins with Devrim Kay is what will take you to the MIDA.

The catalyst is still comp Crucible, though it’s not the nerve racking part of this piece. There is a risk with MIDA because it’s been an up and down kind of weapon throughout Destiny 2. These new buffs coming into play could make a difference.

Jade Rabbit Exotic Scout Rifle

The catalyst is suitable in this weapon, and it is Crucible no doubt. The Scout rifles are going to be buffed out for this release, so it’s a promising piece for sure. Same as with the Sweet Business, you can obtain this through random drops, Xur sales, or Engrams; however, you choose.

Deathbringer Rocket Launcher

It comes fully loaded with two perks that go hand in hand in combat. The Deathbringer paired with Dark Deliverance and Dark Descent, which work together to create the ultimate attack. The rocket launcher fires void orbs that explode onto enemies, and this can remotely detinate during mid-flight.

With these perks also, the farther the distance the orb is volleied, the more damage that dealt with by the weapon. When looking to utilize a rocket launcher like this, definitely pair it with something substable in a close range fire fight.

Divinity Trace Rifle

This rifle is located through Exotic quests or just through raids; easy enough. I’m sure more specific details will be released closer to October 1st. The Divinity is reliable in stability and range, making it a class act for pairing with the Deathbringer. Especially with the perks that tied to this weapon.

Judgement and Penance work together with similar to the way Dark Deliverance and Dark Descent do. With Judgement, the trace rifle can create an aura that engulfs the target. This aura then does increments of damage over time, draining the opponent of their health.

The Penance perk is what causes this reoccurrence of damage done by the aura. It’s a team effort entirely.

Bungie seems to be prideful of this piece, so definitely one worth getting ready to get your hand on.

KHVOSTOV 7G-02 Auto Rifle

This auto rifle is a bring back, with some solid amperage done. For the fact that this seems to be a highlighted weapon, you will even be able to find in New Light, so it can assume Bungie is proud of what they’ve done to it. It is still unknown if this will end up an Exotic weapon, but even if it is not, it’s worth checking out.

Two-Tailed Fox Exotic Rocket Launcher

If you are a player who prides themselves in their weaponry and loot, this is a basic notation to be made. The Two-Tailed Fox is only available with pre-orders for Shadowkeep. This weapon loaded with perks that are difficult to find in other weapons so don’t miss out on this prized collectible.

Leviathan’s Breath

The Leviathan’s Breath bow is retrievable from October 22nd and on, after the quest is released. This weapon included in the Season of the Undying that will come with Shadowkeep release. It is sturdy and worth seeking but will be a piece to wait to get patiently.

Besides all these new Exotics, rifles, and what have you, there are weapons to be ready for on the Moon that you will receive from Eris Morn. They are essential for the criteria of challenges that are an uprising on the surface of this ghostly place.

They are configured to work against the Nightmares you will face on there, so don’t skip out on them. You’ll know when the time has come as they become covered in Hive runes that glow when Nightmares are approaching.

The weapons list that you are looking out for could be numerous pages in all. Reality because there are just straight mods worth having for older pieces that are still in your inventory. I recommend recycling old parts and finding their updated counterparts though because the cap out level alone is worth the extra work to the re-retrieve said weapon (or armor).

Let’s go over that a little though- the recycling of content that has an argumentative tone to it right now.


Preparing for Shadowkeep well, we defiantly don’t want to reduce them, so the motto doesn’t apply. Reusing and recycling of content by Bungie seems to have become part of the game stragity. The key to having a good PvP game, there has to be a sustainable amount of content rotation within the gameplay.

Bungie is working to bring back previous maps, weapons, and perks, all as a part of this process. They are reintroducing the Elimination to the Crucibles rotating modes as was requested by a lot of the community- nice to see.

There has been a discussion that each week there will be a different idea behind the game’s modes, rotating to allow players to try them all. As this takes place, Bungie has aspirations for Guardians’ to feel out the options and report back to them via forums and conversation ports on how they are experiencing the selections. Player feedback is so crucial to Destiny 2, but especially with this season. Be responsible and let them know what you do and don’t like it as it evolves.


It seems that recycled material in Destiny 2’s new release Shadowkeep is part of the game. Weapons are one of them for sure, though not the major highlight of the process. It is a massive deal for many Guardians to be working with pieces they’ve known for so long, in both a good and bad way. There has been a lot of conversation online about how players are feeling with all the recycled weaponry.

Does this mean Bungie is losing its creativity? No, no. It means they are working towards the bigger picture of change for the game, and the universal flow of artillery is just as important as anything else.

Bungie is revamping these old weapons so they can stay relevant. As much as there are players who are sick of the same content, there are also players who have so much more they want to do with their hand dandy rifle of choice. So, if you aren’t a fan of the reused material, try something new. There are just as many new weapons as not.



Bungie is shooting for something so enticing but challenging to maintain at this rate in the game- a single, ever evolving world. Year three is upon us, and this is the time for a change. Destiny 2 is piling in the new raids, nightmares’, exotic quests, weapons, armor pieces, and with all this means new space and functionality to the game are needed.

With all this in the mix, the shifting of Destiny 2 is underway, altering the workings down to the way you pay for the experience as a dedicated player- referring to the changes in payments via seasonal shifts.

Preparing for Shadowkeep these changes in payments for players are a new window opening in retrospect. The seasons are now taking on a narrative form beginning at Shadowkeep, creating a flow of the story with the players and their opponents.

I have always appreciated the storyline of Destiny. It gives players something viable to be working for to under stand how it all came about. Change is going to take that to a whole other level as seasons in the future begin to branch the differences into one giant experience for Destiny fans alike.

The director of the Destiny franchise, Luke Smith, discussed in the ViDoc his intent to create a web effect from Shadowkeep. From this season on, the idea of Destiny 2’s gameplay is to be a universal experience that allows players to format their role in the world.

Bungie is creating a community that will resemble a simulation of a sort versus being in a player by player, case by case, kind of storyline. Include coverage from the up and coming season that pertains to the Moon; branching the map where it needs to be.

destiny about us


So why isn’t the franchise moving towards a cross-play sort of realm? There has been a spoiler for the CROSS-SAVE feature. Letting players utilize their character’s via numerous platforms to enhance group gaming specifically, though independent playing receives some benefits from this.

It is not CROSS-PLAY, though. Meaning Bungie will have its hands full in a few years when the engulfment of the universal world of Destiny 2 has begun to solidify itself.

That is why I think Bungie has not reached that quite yet, besides being busy with this MASSIVE expansion. They are awaiting their current workings to be the norm. Maybe later season and or expansion we will see the cross-play feature emerge from the reddit forums and onto our screens. So don’t be discouraged yet, it is just too soon with where Bungie is at with Destiny’s evolution.


Preparing for Shadowkeep don’t fall behind before the expansion is even upon us. Go through this list, maybe another two or three to see what might get talked about across the Destiny 2 world. Analyze which weapons released so far are of top picks for you. Maybe go over the importance of individual stats and perks as you research the Moon and its challenges.

Check out some other articles to help brief yourself on other content released for Shadowkeep as there is so much to prepare for as we close in on the first of October. Where does your Guardian stand as for class preference with these new buffs and nerfs?

Are there any old favorites you need to scope out to get yourself on track with leveling? Start farming for what you want, as the stakes in gameplay are as high as my hopes are for Bungie’s success in fan satisfaction. Stay tuned for more updates on Shadowkeep and everything Destiny 2 related.