Zero Hour Ship Schematic and Outbreak Perfected offered at Destiny Carries LFG

Published: May 16, 2019Zero Hour Ship Schematic and Outbreak Perfected offered at Destiny Carries LFG

Zero Hour Ship Schematic and Outbreak Perfected are one of the hottest items in Destiny 2 now.

Zero Hour Ship Schematic and Outbreak Perfected are one of the hottest items in Destiny 2 now. The team at Destiny Carries LFG is continuing their tradition in providing top notch assistance for Destiny players with the announcement of new carries designed to bring players further in the game than ever.

Complete the Zero Hour Mission on Heroic

The first of the new carries is for the Zero Hour Mission. Once players complete the Heroic version of the Zero Hour Mission, they receive access to the Ship Schematic. A puzzle must be completed for each singe, Void, Arc, and Solar. One puzzle being available each week. As players complete the puzzle, they also receive 13% progress towards the SIVA Particulate step in the Outbreak Perfected Catalyst.

With the new Zero Hour Mission carry from Destiny Carries LFG, players can get closer to getting the Ship Schematic for the exotic ship. The Destiny Carries LFG team will sign into players’ accounts and complete the currently available singe, with one being completed per week on the player’s behalf. Destiny Carries LFG will complete all three singes needed over the course of three consecutive weeks to get the repair schematics. This includes the catalyst for the Outbreak Prime.

Outbreak Prime Exotic Pulse Rifle

The second carry involves helping players get Outbreak Perfected, a exotic pulse rifle that can only be obtained after the Zero Hour Mission is completed. The Outbreak Perfected delivers kinetic damage and can be used in the kinetic weapon slot, and it is quickly becoming one of the must-have weapons in Destiny. Before players can get the weapon or begin the quest to get the weapon, they must first have completed the Planetary mission on Titan, and they must have also found the secret Fallen Transponder in the Heroic Adventure Bad Neighbors before visiting Lost Sectors and getting the six nodes for powering up the Fallen Transponder.

With the carry for Outbreak Perfected, players can choose exactly where they need help. For instance, Destiny players can choose to have a Destiny Carries LFG expert sign on and take care of the entire questline on their behalf, or they can get help at other points in the journey. Destiny players who need assistance getting the Outbreak Perfected in their arsenal can get the help they need at Destiny Carries LFG.

Destiny Carrie LFG Blog can show you how to complete Outbreak Perfected Exotic Pulse Rifle Quest.

In addition, Destiny Carries LFG has released a blog post entitled “How to Get the Outbreak Perfected and Find the Nodes”. This new guide offers an in-depth look at the journey to getting the Outbreak Perfected, a exotic pulse rifle that was brought back from the Destiny 1. In the guide, players get a walkthrough with what they need to do at each step of the way to get the Outbreak Perfected for themselves. If they want a faster, easier approach, they can always opt to use a carry from Destiny Carries LFG.

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