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You’ll Never Have to Fight Alone with Our Destiny 2 LFG

In another popular video game franchise, an old man in a cave gives you a sword and says, “It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this.”

The same could be said of Destiny 2. Only instead of a sword, you need a fireteam.

But finding that fireteam can be difficult.

Even if you have friends who play, getting everyone to sit down at the same time is nearly impossible.

That’s where we come in.

With our Destiny 2 LFG service, we guarantee that you can easily assemble a fireteam for raids, strikes, or some good old-fashioned team deathmatch.

Just think of us as the old man in the cave.

Looking for Groups in Destiny Has Never Been Easier

While it’s possible to play Destiny 2 alone, it was designed to be played with others.

But this is easier said than done.

It’s tough to align your friends’ schedules for play sessions, especially if they have jobs and families.

Relying on Destiny’s own matchmaking service is also a sketchy business. Playing with random strangers always lacks the coordination that’s necessary to tackle some of the game’s most difficult challenges, such as the Nightfall strikes.

By using our Destiny Looking for Group service, you can easily easy locate and communicate with Destiny players who share your same objective. This way, you not only find people to play with, but you find people who are ready to collaborate and work as a true fireteam.

Of course, we also cater to groups who are looking for a Destiny LFM service. If you already have a friend but need extra help, we can help you find the players you need to fill out your fireteam.

View and Compare Your Destiny Player Stats

Once players sign up, we can transfer their stats from the game to our site. This way, players can have a convenient location to view their k/d ratio and gear power level.

This feature also allows players to view the stats of others. If you’re looking to put together the strongest fireteam of ragtag guardians to venture on exotic quests or raid lairs, you’ll have some numbers to go by.

Of all our features, this is one that truly sets our experience apart from Destiny’s own matchmaking service, which puts players together based solely on availability and level.

We hand the power to choose, over to you.

We also offer an easy-to-use forum for players who would like to receive advice from more experienced players or simply chat about the newest updates.

Your Home for Destiny 2 LFG

Whether you’re looking for a group to join or looking for more players to fill out your existing group, it’s our job to make that as easy as possible.

After all, we’ve all had the experience of being halfway through a raid only for a player to drop out, leaving the rest of the team dead in the water.

Not only will we match-make serious players, but we also have everyone’s stats on full display. That way, you can recruit the players who are most closely aligned with your playstyle and objectives.

The Destiny experience is unique in the world of gaming, because your enjoyment isn’t only predicated on the game itself, but who you play with.

Only with Destiny LFG can you can be sure you’re getting the full Destiny experience.

Are you looking to assemble a fireteam in Destiny 2? If so, visit our website. With our wide variety of carries and LFG services, you’ll never have to protect the Last City alone.

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