The Future of Destiny 2: Where Is the Game Going?

Published: May 29, 2020

The Future of Destiny 2?

More than 1.2 million players bought a copy of Destiny 2 in the first week of its release. Since then, players have seen a myriad of changes to the game. Everything from the price of the game (from $60 to free) to constant weapon buffs and nerfs have both kept players on their toes and changed the way that guardians play.

Now that year three is coming to an end, Luke Smith has begun preparing players for what could be radical changes in the fourth year. What’s going to happen after season 10? What does the future of Destiny 2 look like? Read on to find out more as we answer some of your most frequently asked questions!

Who Is Luke Smith?

Luke Smith is the director of Destiny 2 at Bungie. He’s not known to make many public statements, but recently he’s been talking a lot about the direction that the game is heading. Since he’s one of the primary decision-makers at Destiny, people listen when he shares information.

Over the past few months, he’s started to interact with the public more often on social media, leading many people to believe that dramatic changes are coming to the Destiny universe. The end of year two is right around the corner, so it’s safe to assume that many of the core features of the game will change as the company tries to answer some fans’ criticism of the game.

Who Will Be The Primary Enemy in Year Three?

If you’ve kept up with the season of the worthy, you’ve noticed an ominous sight: pyramid style ships on the edge of the solar system making their ways towards Earth. There’s a pyramid ship countdown in the tower, letting us know that the darkness is at the edge of the solar system. The arrival of these ships is sure to pose a grave threat to the existence of humanity.

While we don’t know much about the new enemies, it’s safe to assume that there will be new weapons and armor to help ward off the threat. We can also safely assume that the timeline issues of the previous season will play a major role in explaining who this new threat is and could provide clues on how to defeat them.

Will the guardians go to the edge of the solar system to meet this new enemy? Will there be a full-scale invasion of Earth? Will guardians need to go through time to find a way to survive? These are questions that will answer themselves in time, but in the words of Luke Smith, “you are not prepared.”

Future of Destiny 2; What Will Seasons Look Like in Year 3?

One of the things that Destiny players complain about the most is that weapons and gear disappear after each season. Bungie implemented this system to encourage frequent players and to create the idea that you have to be there, but this has led to some unfortunate side effects.
Players couldn’t get the gear they wanted if they weren’t able to grind through hours of gameplay during certain parts of a season. Many players would skip an entire season if they missed something important. They’d fall behind quickly and come back with nothing to catch up to because the new features would disappear after the season ended. The current season model creates a situation where only those guardians that can spend five hours a day can stay on top of the leaderboards.
The next year in Destiny should look to correct this problem. Expect to see weapons and gear stick around for longer and for certain features to remain in the game permanently. Permanent features, however, could create another problem, but it looks like Bungie has already thought of this and has a built-in solution.

If Some Features Stay In-Game Permanently, Will The Game Get Too Big?

One of the biggest concerns for Bungie is that their game will be unmanageable. If a game is too big, no one can download it without deleting a decent-sized portion of their library, especially people that play on console.
The only way to keep features and allow players to work towards gear year-round would be to reshape the world of Destiny, which is likely with the arrival of the pyramids. Once the new threat emerges, expect to see a few locations taken out, such as Io and Titan. These locations could get destroyed as a way to establish the seriousness of the new threat while also limiting the size of the game.
Later seasons could see new temporary locations take their place as a way to advance the story while keeping the game’s size in check. This plan would give Bungie some flexibility in storytelling and still give players a reason to play each season. Want to see Mercury one more time? You better log in to this season, as there’s no guarantee it will survive year 3.
From a developer standpoint, it also doesn’t make much financial sense to spend the time and resources necessary to build substantial content only for it to disappear in three months. While many players say that some seasons aren’t as good as others, it’s hard to fault Bungie for not wanting to make dramatic changes that will quickly disappear.
Changing to a system in which Bungie builds new features that will last an entire year and seasons that tell different parts of a story would make more sense for the gamer and company. Look for this to start in year three, with the possibility of this system to come to completion either this year or the early part of year four.

Year Four? How Long Will Bungie Keep Destiny 2 Going?

While there hasn’t been an official statement from Bungie regarding how long they plan to keep the game going, there has been a major clue that points to at least three more years. The future of Destiny 2 should be long and interesting.

Luke Smith recently posted a blog in which he discussed core playlist reward changes. When discussing new sets of armor, Smith mentioned that they would create “new sets like this each year (eg, year 4, year 5, year 6).” This statement seems to indicate that Bungie has plans to keep the game going until at least 2023, and it makes sense that they would.

One of the issues with Destiny 2 was that the game rolled out without much to keep players interested. Most of the features that made the first game popular were gone and replaced with nothing.

For the game to continue onto the next generation of consoles, there will probably be some dramatic changes. First, they’ll have to decide whether or not to split the servers between the new generation and older consoles. They’ll also need to determine whether the newer consoles will have features that the older consoles can’t handle.

They could also change the name of the game to reflect the fact that it’s an ongoing title. Either way, if they do plan on keeping the game until 2023, it will probably look completely different in a few years than it does right now. The guardians that adjust to the changes will end up on top of the leaderboards.

Could Unresolved Storylines That Could Lead To Gameplay Changes?

One of the biggest choices in year two was whether to side with the Vanguard or the Drifter. In the future of Destiny, we expect this to lead to a storyline involving dark guardians. Since the countdown at the tower mentions that the darkness is at the edge of the solar system, it could lead to a situation where guardians can find themselves tempted by said darkness.

Could the darkness be Shin Malphur, a guardian that tempts other guardians with the powers of the darkness to kill them? Could those guardians be the only ones with the powers necessary to kill Malphur, the last carrier of The Last Word? If so, this could catapult Destiny into the next generation with some interesting storylines.

Uldren Sov is still roaming the outskirts of the Last City as well, unsure of who he is. This character, with his use of “crows,” which are agents and devices that spy on other races. Uldren doesn’t trust guardians, and getting his memory back could lead to a crusade against the guardians and the Last City. He could very well be the enemy that pushes the guardians to their limit and leads to the third installment in the franchise.

Is There An Upcoming Rework of the Subclasses?

One of the many possibilities for the future of Destiny 2 new content would be the reworking of subclasses. One way to accomplish this could be the introduction of the dark guardians listed above, with players choosing a side and battling it out for control of the solar system. Players could develop new powers on either side, which would add a new layer to the PvP battles and the Trials of Osiris.

For the next year, expect to see some changes to the subclasses. This could come by way of nerfs or buffs, or it could also be new subclasses based on different storylines. The last time Bungie made any serious changes to the subclasses was at the beginning of the Forsaken update.

With new subclasses will also come new gear and weapons. The question is whether those weapons and gear will match up well with the changes. This will probably lead to some trial and error on the part of Bungie much as it has in the past.

Changes Are Coming…Are You Ready For The Future of Destiny?

Anytime there are changes made in Destiny, players worry about their guardian. How will they adjust? Can they get the best weapons and armor to keep up with everyone else? Will they lose their spot on the leaderboard because of something outside of their control?

It seems like new Destiny updates will consider this. Luke Smith and the team at Destiny know that the best way to keep their game relevant is to keep the community exciting to attract new players. The best way to keep the community involved is to take care of veterans and keep them coming back for more.

Any new Destiny content upcoming for the third year should involve content that both works to keep the game manageable while also making sure older players aren’t alienated. Many of the new updates and content should also start to tie up loose ends in the lore and previous storylines.

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