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    How to Unlock Destiny 2’s Izanami Forge

     Izanami Forge Quest Guide

    Ever since Black Armoury came out, it’s given Destiny players more than enough to do.

    And the content train doesn’t show any signs of letting up anytime soon. There’s another Forge on Gofannon but it has Vex instead of Fallen. Like those, you need to do certain things to move everything forward.

    Don’t worry.

    Izanami Forge is no different from others but it’s a bit drawn out. Like, really drawn out.

    Luckily for you, we have a guide. We tell you what to do, what levels you need to be at, and what you can expect in the end. Of course, all of this is just prepping you for the farming that comes once everything is unlocked.

    Here’s how you unlock Izanami Forge, step by step:

    The first thing you need to do is kill Vex on Nessus. A lot of people have had luck completing the Flashpoint Heroic. Killing Vex will get you the first item for your journey.

    Next, you will need to kill 100 Vex on Nessus. Artifact’s Edge Lost Sector is a great area to farm this. There might be others as well – check around on the Internet for the latest updates as these things can change.

    Then you have to do a Heroic Spire integration in the Hallows. Nowhere else counts. No one is really sure why either.

    After this, you will need to kill 20 Minotaurs on Nessus. You can do a Heroic Spire Integration or do an Exodus Down strike to repeatedly kill the first minotaurs you encounter.

    You’ll then be whisked off to Forge to do a mission. This will involve killing Vex and activating conduits. When you return to ADA-1 you will find out that the Forge is broken. To proceed, you will need to complete three heroic events which include Spire Integration. You have to do Witches Ritual and Ether Resupply. You can do Spire Integration or Ether Resupply on Nessus while Witches Ritual is done on Titan.

    Head on over to Io and complete the Lost Sectors for blight mats. Collect that then rack up Fallen headshots over in Tangled Shore Lost Sector. The last piece involves a platforming mission on Nessus that requires 630 power.

    To fix the igniter, head to Volundr Forge and do a normal run through. This shouldn’t take that long and won’t pose a huge challenge for appropriately level chars.

    ADA-1 will then assign you to a mission to Insight Terminus to get the final piece of the igniter. This part is completely soloable at 640. You might have to do that so be prepared.

    Return to the Izanami Forge and take on a Hydra boss. Finish it off and go back to ADA-1 for the Forge Bow frame.

    That should complete the unlocking for the Forge and it is a slog to be sure. Once you’ve got the Forge Bow frame you can begin to farm.


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