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    Here everything you need to know about Destiny 2 including destiny scourge of the past raid. Click here for more information.

    Destiny 2 Scourge of the Past Raid Opening the Vault and Innsurrection Prime

    If you’ve made it past downtown and through the sewers, you’re ready to tackle the Vault and then unlock Insurrection Prime.

    First, divide the group into two teams. The outsiders are going to want to hold off enemies so that the inside team takes the tanks to obtain buffs. After divvying up into squads, you’re going to want to find the giant Servitor and kill it. This will disable and electrical shield underneath the arena and begin the boss fight.

    What the Outside Team Needs to Be Doing

    It is recommended that the outside team have burst supers or roaming supers (Blade Barrage, Titan hammers, or Dawnblade for example). You also want to have a bunch of different damage element types in this battle. A lot of people are recommending Borealis or Hard Light because of their ability to switch between Arc, Solar and Void.

    Keeping the inside group safe is the most important task for the outside group. You’re going to be harried by large groups of Shanks with different elemental shields that will invariably make their way into the core if you don’t stop them. If they pass, it is going to make life really tough for the inside group. Using the appropriate attack on their shield while they are bunched up in a group is the most effective method of taking them out.

    Outside of that, you’re going to be tackling the Servitor time and time again. Each time you down inside team’s buffs refill. Do this until the electric gates lower and they can come back up.

    That’s pretty much it for the outside team. There are Vandal snipers hidden about on the rooftops so you’ll want to keep an eye out for them.

    What the Inside Team Needs to Be Doing

    After the first round with the big Servitor, each member needs to choose their own hole to occupy. After entering, take a right to go find the generator which will have a hologram of a triangle, square, or circle in front of it. One of the buffs will be red and is corrupted.

    Have each player get a different symbol. Coordinate who gets what. If you get a corrupted buff move about until another one is available. Do not use your buff until all players are back inside as this will cause the electrical shield to come up again.

    Once you have a buff you need to avoid other members of the group. If you encounter other buffer inside team members you can get tethered together which will deal damage. When you do see other buffed team members just go around each other as quickly as possible to minimize damage taken.

    When all members of the inside team have a buff tell the outside team to kill the first Servitor. After it dies the buffs will refresh. Go find the same buff again and melee it to receive another.

    After all, insiders get their buff twice, tell the outsiders to kill the Servitor again. This will cause the gates to open and allow the inside team access to the outside area. Move towards a generator – you can even assign locations by symbol if you want. The three positions are top, left, and right with the top being where the first Servitor was. Together with your team drop the buffs simultaneously which will spawn a tank which will be your main method for dishing out heavy attacks.

    At this point, the outside team will be dodging a bunch of missiles while the inside team needs to light it up using the tank’s shells as well as missiles on hand. Rockets will attempt to destroy the tanks. Just avoid them by moving back and forth to dodge their attack. Keep firing until the counter on the left side of the screen zero. If all goes well you and your mates should be able to eliminate most of the health in this volley.

    Of course, if you don’t do it correctly Insurrection Prime will kill everyone. Keep repeating this process until all four arms are destroyed. A chest should appear at the end of the arena and give you your loot.

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