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    Destiny 2: Last Wish Raid Guide – The Vault – Riven of a Thousand Voices

    Destiny 2 Forsaken Last Wish Raid

    The marquee event of the Forsaken expansion is upon us. The Last Wish raid takes players to the Dreaming City, it is filled with puzzles and challenging bosses but also rewarding, exclusive loot. It’s got high-level requirements – on top of being no walk in the park – so you will want to make sure you pair up with a squad you trust.

    We’ll give you a rundown on some of the loot this raid offers as well as what you and your mates can do to prep for its encounters.

    Getting Ready for Last Wish

     In terms of power level, Last Wish scales from 550 to 580. If you’ve got team members that fall below this range they are going to have a hard time handling the raid. Grind it out a little bit to get as high a level as you can possibly get before starting the raid. On top of that, you need to have actually unlocked the Dreaming City sequence.

    You do this by completing the main story quests for Forsaken.

    When you and your teammates feel like they are ready to take on the raid, you’ll want to enter it with a diverse set of classes and talents at your disposal. It might be a good idea to unlock the new sub-classes to really give you a range of options.

    On top of that, you need to do a gear check to make sure everyone is coming to the raid properly dressed. We know it can be a pain, but everyone should be rocking the best stuff possible.

    Petra in the Dreaming City has some consumables you’ll probably want to pick up to max out Super and Heavy.

    The Dreaming City armor gives you “Riven’s Curse” which allows you to cause more damage while on patrol. There’s also the “Transcendent Blessing” mod you can get if you offer an Oracle. It also causes increased damage deal out. 

    Naturally, you’ll want to have a few items in your inventory and postmaster as possible so that you can truly harvest the fruits of your labor during this raid.

    To commemorate the launch of Last Wish, Bungie is giving out some special stuff to people and teams that complete it the opening weekend and beyond. The first team to complete Last Wish will receive the “One Thousand Voices” while any player completing it in the first 24 hours will receive the “Wish Ascended” emblem.


    As far as items go, Hunters can be on the lookout for Mask of the Great Hunt, Grips of the Great Hunt, Vest of the Great Hunt, Strides of the Great Hunt, and Cloak of the Great Hunt; Titans can expect Helm of the Great Hunt, Gauntlets of the Great Hunt, Plate of the Great Hunt, Greaves of the Great Hunt, and Mark of the Great Hunt; and Warlocks will be rolling for Hood of the Great Hunt, Gloves of the Great Hunt, Robes of the Great Hunt, Boots of the Great Hunt, and Bond of the Great Hunt.


    Weapon drops include Age-Old Bond – Auto Rifle, Apex Predator – Rocket Launcher, Chattering Bone – Pulse Rifle, Nation of Beasts – Hand Cannon, Techeun Force – Fusion Rifle, The Supremacy – Sniper Rifle, Transifuration – Scout Rifle, Tyranny of Heaven – Bow, and One Thousand Voices – Exotic Fusion Rifle.

    Kalli the Corrupted

    Kali the Corrupted Destiny 2 Last Wish Raid

    The first encounter is Kalli the Corrupted. In the first part of the raid you need to locate the gigantic door in front of your team then go to the left. You’ll hear some dialogue and you should also notice that the wall rotates and glows purple.

    Jump through the opening created by this rotation.

    You’re going to need to do some platforming at this point to make your way past the tower until you get to a really tall door.

    This is where Kalli the Corrupted is and there are some things you need to know about it before you head through.

    First, there is an area for exploration to the left of the door that you can see marked by ledges with moss on them.

    These lead to a room with a big green button inside of it that is kinda mysterious but is worth noting because you cannot access this room after you’ve finished the boss fight.

    As soon as you head into the room, each team member needs to take a position underneath a banner.

    You’ll want to find plates in the middle corresponding to the banners and jump on top of them.

    Stand on the third plate not taken by an orb until the Knight spawns then kill it. Run into the middle as soon as you do.

    Unleash as much damage as you can on Kalli until she summons her weapon to help her.

    There will be some doors open up underneath when she does. Each team member should take a door. The above process will repeat twice more.

    After the third movement, there will be new symbols underneath the banners for you to change to begin the damage phase once more.

    Shuro Chi the Corrupted

    Shuro Chi The Corrupted Destiny 2 Last Wish Raid

    Unlike Kalli the Corrupted, Shuro Chi is a high-speed encounter. You and your team are going to be put through the ringer on this one.

    Once you defeat Kalli there will be a door that opens at the end of the room. This path will lead through some caves that lead to a bridge.

    As you cross the bridge you may notice a Taken rift floating to the bottom right. Jump down and land on the ledge to find one of the Last Wish raid’s secret chests. To get back up you need to jump to the Taken rift.

    At the end of the bridge, you will see yet another series of ledges that will lead to the beginning of the raid encounter.

    Make sure you discuss team roles before opening the door as this boss fight will definitely test each and every person.

    To defeat Shuro Chi, you need to eliminate the Taken and the Eye of the Riven until the crystals appear. Three players need to pick up the prism weapons and make a triangle around Shuro Chi.

    A fourth player needs to fetch the Taken Essence that Shuro Chi drops in order to create super energy. Deal damage until Shuro Chi is down to about a sixth of her health left then use the Taken Essence to deal an interrupt to Shuro Chi’s instakill attack.

    Kill more Taken as you make your way to Shuro Chi’s new location. Repeat the triangle formation with the prism weapon and have a fourth player retrieve the Taken Essence.

    Make sure you’ve cleared out all of the enemies in the puzzle room then complete the puzzle.

    Take the spheres to jump to the second part of the level. Next, finish two cycles with Riven’s health during which you need to kill enemies and use the crystals to bring down the shield around Shuro Chi.

    Proceed to the second puzzle room and finish it. Get rid of the enemies and lower the shield once again.

    After eliminating the last remaining part of Shuro Chi’s health you will have finished the second part of the boss encounter.

    Morgeth the Spirekeeper

    Morgeth the SpireKeeper

    Consensus on the Internet says that Morgeth is the easier of the encounters in the Last Wish raid set, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it seriously. Head out from Shuro Chi’s area and go down and through the door behind her.

    Head down some halls until you see a tree. At the top of the tree is the “Keep of Voices.”

    Make your way there. At the Keep of the Voices there is yet another hidden raid chest.

    To get it, look for a formation of rocks then jump over them. You should see a cliff with some trees sticking out of it. Head up those trees until you come to yet another series of step ledges.

    Going up and right you should see a ledge with a chest that contains more raid specific loot.

    After getting it, head back to the path and keep going forward.

    There is a jumping sequence that kind of sucks but outside of that it’s not complicated. One strategy is to have one player make it to the end, promote that player to team lead, exit to orbit, then rejoin them.

    Handling Morgeth the Spirekeeper is pretty easy but you will still need to divide into roles and locations.

    The best setup is two teams of three people each taking one side of the arena.

    Within these teams of three one player will need to need to cover the other two while they gather Taken Blights to get Taken Strength. The last player to get a Taken Blight in front of Morgeth when he spawns also knows to get the final Taken Essence that the Eye of the Riven drops.

    Pick up the first Taken Blight and eliminate the Taken Ogres to keep spawning Taken Blights so that Morgeth can gain strength (but if he reaches 100% everyone an instakill is unleashed). Gather Taken Blights without getting more than than two. 

    If a player gets captured, you can set them free by killing the Eye of the Riven and using the Taken Essence to absorb their Taken Strength but don’t gather more than two. 

    When they appear, pick up the final Taken Blight and Taken Essence to begin the damage phase of the encounter. Now you need to just pummel Morgeth with everything you’ve got.

    Once Morgeth exceeds 80%, the player with the Taken Essence should use their super ability to stun him. Be sure to survive the Axiom Dart attack then continue with damaging Morgeth.

    Two Taken Blights should appear which you will need to collect to begin the process again.

    We told you the Last Wish raid required a lot of teamwork. And if you’ve made it this far, you and your mates have that part down.

    The fourth part of the raid, The Vault, isn’t as action heavy but requires a little more coordination from players. After the first three parts, this is actually a nice break from the pace of Last Wish. The other bosses took tons of damage to dispatch, but Last Wish is actually more about puzzles.

    Heading to The Vault

    Once you’ve killed Morgeth, a gigantic door will open up. Keep moving forward until you reach a room called the Hall of Two Souls. When you get into this room, you’ll want to head up the stairs towards a glowing plate. From there you will need to find a small gap in the right side of the wall which will taken you on a hidden path to a room with two floating Taken Blights as well as a bunch of different statues. In the middle of the room, there is an elevator that will take you and the team up to The Vault.

    The Vault Encounter

    Last Wish Raid Guide Vault Lock

    As with some of the previous encounters, you will need to divide the team into two components.

    One part of the team will have to do the running while the other part is going to do the decoding.

    Once each member has decided on their role you can jump into the middle of the room onto some plates to begin the encounter.

    It is the job of the decoders to figure out what is needed to cleanse their plate. On the left, Penumbra, and on the right, Antumbra. Meanwhile, runners need to take down the Eye of the Riven and pick up the Taken Essence it drops.

    Then the runner has to escape with the Taken Essence through the tunnels while the decoders kill the Might of Riven before it sticks its sword down into the plates.

    When the runner exits the runner can then cleanse the plate using the Taken Essence and will receive a debuff that will not allow them to run the Taken Essence again for a set amount of time.

    Runners then continue to focus on eliminating the Eye of the Riven and hauling the Taken Essence through the tunnels to cleanse the plates twice more.

    Players should note that each time a runner cleanses one of the plates the number of Might of Rivens goes up. This should end the first part of The Vault. Runners and decoders then need to repeat this process twice again to finish the encounter.

    Riven of a Thousand Voices

    Raven of a Thousand Voices Destiny 2 Last Wish Raid

    This is the final part of the Last Wish raid and it’s going to use everything you’ve done so far in one encounter. So this means a lot of teamwork, coordination, and a gigantic boss that absorbs your damage like it is nothing.

    Getting to Riven after The Vault is easy: Just head through the hallways until you reach a room with the plates similar to the one seen in The Vault encounter. Once you see this, you’re there.

    Again, you’ll need to divide the team up and assign roles, this time into groups of three. Some players will need to take care of the symbols while others need to provide them with covering fire from enemies. To reach the room assigned to your squad, step on the corresponding plate to enter.

    Your squad can kill Eye of the Riven and take care of the hidden symbol or you can also aggro Riven and deal damage as well as use glowing eyes to drive it to the opposite room. After this, you will need to head up to the second floor and repeat the process.

    Then you head to the third floor and gather the team in the middle of the room.

    Take care of the enemies that spawn while dealing damage to Riven and calling out glowing eyes.

    You’ll need to do this three times.

    At this point, you will need to deal damage to Riven’s open mouth and destroy the eyes from the previous three phases. Defeat every enemy in the room then gather the group into the middle on the plates.

    Riven’s cysts will appear and will need to be destroyed as you fall to the floor all while avoiding or the Axion Darts that are released.

    Repeat the first two floors again then head to the third floor to drive Riven down to 10% health.

    Someone will need to climb up to the ascendant realm and obtain the glowing orb at this point which should begin the final part of the boss encounter.

    After killing Riven, run inside and eliminate the Taken Blight surrounding the heart.

    This begins an escort portion where the team will need to work together while getting Taken Strength from the heart.

    Completing this portion will end the raid and allow players to pick up their loot.

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