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    Destiny 2 Brings Back a Dead Character and It’s Kind of a Big Deal

    Warning – if you haven’t really played through a lot of Destiny 2, you might not want to keep reading.

    That’s because Bungie is bringing back someone everyone thought was dead.

    And we now know how those twists often go.

    So don’t read anything further unless you want to ruin the big surprise.

    Of course, all of this relates to the Dreaming City, Bungie’s big lore set piece for this season. That’s also where you happen to unlock the sequence. We’ll tell you how.

    You can view the cutscene in the Awoken Queen Mara Sov’s court which opens after finishing Petra’s weekly bounty.

    Take the offering you get from your bounty to the Observatory. There you will meet Mara Sov. You can head through the Oracle Engine’s portal to visit Mara’s court. 

    This time, Mara’s missing, and in her place is a gazebo on the left side of the room with holograms in it. If you go to the hologram it asks you to lean in which begins the cutscene.

    To keep a long story short: The cinematic shows a ghost reviving Mara’s brother, Prince Uldran. It looks like he’s a Guardian now like you.

    As many players have pointed out, this is huge. Uldren killed Cayde-6, as you will recall, and getting revenge against him for this was a big part of the first part of the game’s saga. But apparently, not all is as at it seems as Uldren was used to begin the curse now plaguing the Dreaming City. His resurrection could be part of his sister’s plot to deal with the curse.

    Making Uldren a Guardian is an interesting twist for the plot. Guardians don’t remember anything about their past life so it’s unlikely that Uldren will be held accountable for anything he did way back when – if that even needs to happen. What it does set up is a pretty dramatic conclusion to the problem facing the Dreaming City.

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