Forsaken Weapons and Armor

Published: October 22, 2019Forsaken Weapons and Armor

Forsaken Weapons and Armor Destiny 2

Forsaken Weapons

Of course, just like regular action games, both offline and online, weapons and armors are a great deal. The kind of weapons and armors you have can determine how far you’ll get.

Once, I was playing this first person shooter game with a friend of mine, but he keeps killing me. I didn’t know how he was doing it so quickly and easily. When I found out it was because of his top-class weapons and upgraded armors he got while playing the campaign mode. I was furious.

There are so many things you are missing out on if you don’t get the right weapons or Armor. While playing this game, you can pass through some areas where you are supposed to get some goodies that would help you pass through another stage. Oops! You didn’t know because no one told.

Here we are going to be revealing some first-class weapons we found that would assist you while playing this awesome series. Some of these weapons and armors took a long period to find. With this, you can scale through the game with ease.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the various weapons and armors you can find in Destiny 2: Forsaken and also where to find them.

Black Talon Destiny 2

I figured out that, if we are going to be discussing weapons, we should start from the ones easy to find. Then we walk our way to the top. Sound great? The black talon, also known as the void sword. It looks like a dagger but more dangerous than it seems.

We can’t describe it enough; you have to experience it yourself. So, where do you find this beautifully looking but ultimately dangerous dagger? I said it was simple to get earlier, but I never said it was lying around somewhere in the game. Nothing comes easily, right?

You will have to kill some enemies before you can get your hands on it. When you kill an enemy, the void sword drops from the carcass. Do you know you can have something without knowing how to use? I’ll save you the stress of pressing your keys or buttons simultaneously.

Just hit the action button twice and the black talon would do its job.

Lord of Wolves

Moving up to something more sophisticated and deadly. We have the Lord of wolves, also referred to as solar shotgun. If you love using solid guns of maximum damage, this is one. The appearance of this shotgun is fearsome. It looks like something capable of destroying a whole city of enemies. This incredible forsaken weapon rather than firing on a spread fires in a straight line.

I don’t any enemy can withstand its one shot. Find out by getting the Lord of Wolves. Like I said earlier, you will have to do something to get something. Before you can get your hands on those “bad boys” you’ll need to finish all the spider’s bounties.

One Thousand Voices

This is just one weapon, don’t let the “one thousand confuse you at all”. However, in one way we can say it combines the effort of a thousand weapons put together. You can also call it the solar heavy fusion rifle. I prefer to call it the shorter version. So how does this horrifying weapon work? You’ll need to charge it up for a short period and then fire it to the targeted area.

The targeted area where the shot is directed then explodes after some seconds after. I told you it was a badass weapon. I know you would have been very curious to find this weapon. You’ll have to complete the Last Wish Raid to get this weapon.

The QueenBreaker

This is also another fascinating weapon you’ll like to have while playing Destiny: Forsaken. Wait and find out what I mean! The QueenBreaker is also called The Arc Linear Fusion Rifle. What this rifle does, is damage the vision of your enemies. If your enemies can’t see you, they won’t be able to locate.

What a brilliant weapon! Makes it easy to kill them. What’s crazy about this particular weapon is that there is no particular location to find it unlike the previous ones mentioned.

However, you’ll need to keep killing your enemies until you find it. The QueenBreaker drops when you kill an enemy or complete any activity randomly.

Ace of Spades

This is more like an enhancer rather than a weapon. Well, a gun is nothing without its bullets. This one is quite different. When you kill an enemy, and you reload with the ace of spade, something changes. You get multiple Momento Mori shots.

When you fire with this ace of spades, the enemy dies easily, reloading speed increases. You can find the ace of spades when you fulfill Cayde’s Will and complete the quest after that.


Again for the gun lovers! This one is a little spooky. It has a quad-mouth that fires four bullets at once. How intriguing! It could be fun to use if you enjoy blowing the brains of enemies.

Who doesn’t right? This one can be found randomly when an enemy is killed or as a reward when you complete an activity. Expect it anytime!


Seriously, when you see this weapon, you’ll love it. Beautifully designed and equally deadly. When you kill an enemy, it will cause a rain of lightning on the other enemies.

I’m sure you love it already. The more you keep firing this weapon, the faster it fires. After the Festival of Lost quests finished, the Thundercloud has become a random weapon you can find anywhere.

Two-Tailed Fox

That’s double damage! It’s a two-in-one weapon of maximum damage. The first rocket called the solar rocket which suppresses the enemy while the second rocket known as the void rocket burns them gradually. It can also be referred to as the twin-tails.

The Chaperone

This is a shotgun which fires a slug rather than the regular shotgun bullets. We know quite well that a shotgun has a short-range, this is better! It can fire at a more extended range. With numerous head kills, you can improve the damage of the weapon.

Also called the chaperone. Check out the Crucible and ensure you earn the Holiday Family History quest until Amanda offers you the weapon.

Trinity Ghoul

This is more like a modernized old-school weapon. Trinity means three, right? This weapon fires three arrows at once. Once you hit a target enemy, the next hit is charged with electricity.

I don’t need to tell you how deadly this weapon is. Find out when you get one. However, the trinity ghoul is a random weapon; you’ll find it when you kill an enemy or finish a quest.

Forsaken Armor

Oathkeeper Exotic Gauntlets

This Armor is different from the former. With this Armor, you can hold your arrow for a long time. You can also call it Adamantine brace. You can find this Armor anywhere as a random reward when you kill an enemy or complete a mission.

One-Eyed Mask

This one can help you track down the enemies that caused you damage. Tracking them down and killing them will restore your health.

Just like other armors mentioned earlier, you can find it randomly when you kill enemies or finished a conquest.

Antaeus Ward

Antaeus ward also called Titan Legs. Incredible Armor such that when you slide a shield comes out which reflects projectiles. Also, you’ll find it randomly.

Ursa Furiosa

This Armor helps you absorb damage and increases your speed. You’ll find it anywhere either when you eliminate an enemy or when you finish a mission.

Contraverse Hold

This Armor is pretty badass, it’s capable of withholding a hit as crazy as a grenade hit. Also, referred to as Warlock Gauntlets. The lovely thing about it is that it is easy to find. Just keep killing the enemies in anticipation.

Phoenix Protocol

With this exotic Armor, you can get super energy while standing over your well of radiance. You can find this Armor anywhere when you eliminate an enemy or when you finish a mission.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is an awesome game full of weapons and armors. There are a ton of weapons and armors you’ll find exciting and fun. With this guide, you can easily scale through the game and find intriguing weapons to deal with your enemies.