Festival of the Lost 2019

Published: October 28, 2019Festival of the Lost 2019

Festival of the Lost 2019: all you need to know

This year’s Festival of the Lost is full of spooky material that is sure to grab anyone’s attention; fans new and old! The Festival of the Lost for 2019 is to run from October 29th until November 19th. That is three whole weeks to stock up on all the Festival related goodies. Make sure you have escaped the Cosmodrome to unlock the Tower, as this is where the party is happening. 

There are a lot of quirky adaptations that are offered to players throughout this Festival, such as the free paper masks that can be used as ornaments to a suit. Different collectibles are made available; make sure you keep tabs on everything.

Braytech Werewolf Legendary Auto Rifle - festival of the lost triumphs

So It Begins

You are going to start this year’s Festival of the Lost with Eva Levante in the Tower courtyard. She has it decorated with all the spooky scenery; candles, cobwebs, and even the traditional pumpkins. It is there you will receive the Masquerader’s Helmet for your masks. You must be at least at Power level 770 to participate. The Haunted Forest has a limit of 750, so don’t get confused. The entire event does require the 770 to be met. This expectation is the same for New Light players.

There are a few mods that can be purchased for the Masquerader’s Helmet if you are interested in something like that. They include:

  • Higher Purpose: This creates damage resistance while airborne. This will increase the damage to enemies and the drop chance of Heavy Ammo on kills.
  • Energetic Assassin: There will be grenade and melee energy on precision kills. This increases damage to Terrors and increases drop chances of Heavy Ammo on kills.
  • Vampiric Touch: There is increased damage to challenging enemies, health regeneration is triggered on precision kills, and increases in drop chances with Heavy Ammon on kills.

These mods are meant to better your experience during the event but will stay active for it even after that. If you are a collector for Destiny 2, then make sure you’re grabbing what’s available as once the event is over, so are the opportunities.

The Masks – Festival of the Lost

Masks - Festival of the Lost Triumphs

There is quite an arrangement of optional paper masks that are made free to players through this Festival. Iconic pieces such as Calus, Vex Goblin, and the Drifter are all expected. You could also potentially wear a Hive Acolyte, Eris Morn, or even a Fallen Captain. These are earned through the collection of Chocolate Strange Coins. These are achieved during the bounties and other activities that are in action during the event. 

The side-step this these components of the holiday celebrations is that you need to be wearing the Masquerader’s Helmet to attach the masks. You can purchase this piece from Eva Levante at the beginning. The power that is achieved from these are only applicable during the Festival of the Lost, so take it while you can. Enjoy the season before Santa makes his way into the picture.

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Candy Collectibles

You will earn Candy Collectibles as you play through the Festival. These can be turned in for Mystery Grab Bags or even a fully Masterworked Bratech Werewolf Auto Rifle- if you’re working hard enough anyway. This is the season to be spooky, so suit up with this ornamental piece while it’s around.

You can get this auto rifle, once its dropped, at 950 Power. This is an easy Kinetic upgrade for players who are aiming for that Power cap. The more candy that is traded in for this weapon, the more variety you will receive in the random rolls. Fans have been waiting a long time to see this weapon have random rolls, so take it in while it’s here.

Chocolate Strange Coins

Xur is not the place for these coins, but Eva will take them in exchange for the previously mentioned masks. These are what you use to purchase the mods you are seeking, as well. Festive cash for festive grabs.

Cosmetics to Cash in for

There will be a list of premium cosmetics that are available through the in-game Eververse store. You can choose from the selection that is provided; all Halloween themed. You can expect skeleton armor and ornaments for each class, some different masks, and even ghost shells. The armor will be available in both Bright Dust and Silver.

We know of two sparrows that are going to be obtainable; this includes a witch’s broom. A skeletal ship is also on the list for anyone wanting to go that route. For Crucible obsessors, check out the tombstone emote. This is going to be handy throughout the gameplay and then some. 

The prices for these items are unknown so far, but there is an idea based on last year. You can expect to pay $5-$20 for each item, depending on if its anything of the same.

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Haunted Forest in Festival of the Lost

A darkened instance of the Infinite Forest on Mercury. Descend into its depths with a fireteam and see how far you get before it disintegrates.”

Haunted Forest - Festival of the Lost

The Haunted Forest is the best source for Chocolate Strange Coins and Candy. This activity has limited time in which players can access it- as it is only seasonal. You will be in a Vex Infinite Forest, the same as from the Curse of Osiris campaign. Just as last year’s event went, you will have 15 minutes to clear as many floors as possible. In the end, you are paired against a boss with the hopes of defeating it. This is a demanding feat, but once it’s finished, you can receive the chests- each specific to the performance that you exerted. 

There are two versions of this part of the Festival. The default version requires a lower Power level and has matchmaking involved. The Firewalled Haunted Forest experience has no matchmaking, leaving us to make the assumption there will be better rewards.

You can also play through the Forest alone if that is something you’re considering. With the Firewalled Haunted Forest experience, you will have a team preplanned for the expedition, or you will need to prepare for it on your own. Both have seen success, so don’t sweat it solo, that is a prominent choice.

Triumphs: Festival of the Lost

Eververse Iteams

There are quite a few milestones to make when working through this year’s Festival of the Lost. Take note of what we’ve provided so you can stay on task.

  • Days of the Dead: Complete all Festival of the Lost 2019 Triumphs.
  • A Frightening Power: Acquire the exclusive Festival of the Lost 2019 weapon.
  • Strange Times: Collect Chocolate Strange Coins.
  • Bountiful: Complete Festival of the Lost 2019 bounties.
  • A Brilliant Smile: Brush your teeth/ Mastication module.
  • Still Not Scared: Defeat Terrors in the Haunted Forest.
  • Master of Disguise: Acquire all Festival of the Lost 2019 masks.
  • Sweet Tooth: Collect candy.
  • Redacted: Redacted

Players have until the end of the Festival of the Lost to conclude these triumphs as completed. Once the Festival is over, the achievements will no longer be available. Anything left incomplete will be hidden, but still unrewarded to your account. Try to get as much time as you can into these assignments, so you can receive the rewards that follow.

Claim the triumphs as soon as their completed to ensure they are added to your account. Don’t let time get the best of you with this event. Once November 19th has passed, the opportunity for these triumphs will have as well.

Festival Bounties

Broom Sparrow - Festival of the Lost Triumphs

Eva Levante offers Festival Bounties, which can reward players with an assortment of goodies; XP, Glimmer, and even the notorious Chocolate Strange Coins. There are two weekly challenges throughout this event and four daily ones. There are a few additional bounties to this experience, but they are not scheduled until the opening of the season. Choose your timing wisely and get some proper gear by piling into these playthroughs. 

Don’t Miss the Mayhem

This Festival is a significant happening in the verse of Destiny 2. Don’t let these objectives and opportunities pass you by. Make sure your Guardian is ready to rumble come October 29th. There is a ton of great loot and rewards that are only insight once this begins. After its done… that’s it until next year, so what are you waiting for! Get into the festive mood and start this spooky adventure as soon as you can.

There is enough to make any Guardian (or ghoul) jump up from their seat. Start with the objective list and work your way through, aiming for the Triumphs that are plausible in the Festival of the Lost 2019. Play in the bounties and work through the Haunted Forest for old time’s sake!

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