Divinity Exotic Quest

Published: October 11, 2019Divinity Exotic Quest


Divinity Exotic Qiest for exciting new Trace Rifle.

“Sometimes, it takes more than strength to reach the unreachable. Enter bravely into the Garden of Salvation and battle with the enemy, a mighty reward awaits you.”

There are a lot of quests and raids in Destiny 2: Shadowkeeper Season of the Undying, which is an improvement on the former. In this incredible game of adventure, to make it easy and more enjoyable, certain weapons are required. Do you know what’s fun about it?

You have to earn it with hard labor and probably sleepless nights before you can get your hands on these exotic weapons of mass destruction.

One of these weapons is Divinity, an exotic trace rifle from the Garden of Salvation Raid in Destiny 2: ShadowKeeper. Get ready to face a fierce army of the Vex to retrieve this great weapon and some other additives.

It won’t be easy, that’s why this article was written. However, the exotic divinity quest is not all about getting this weapon of divinity after you finish off the last enemy. You still have to complete the Garden of Salvation Raid. So, it is not all bread and peanut!

Dive into the Details of Divinity Exotic Quest

Before we dive into details about the quest, I’ll love to talk about this fascinating weapon. Why is this weapon worth a complete conquest? It must be very essential.

Just like the sword of truth, the elder wand in Harry Potter, and King Arthur’s Excalibur, the divinity is an excellent instrument of destruction that impacts strongly any enemy you’re faced with.

Every player of Destiny 2 needs to get their hands on this “bad boys” to make the game more adventurous and entertaining. Finding this exotic trace rifle could not be more fun than to kill your enemies nice and easy?

Overlook the army of the Vex accompanied by vicious Robots and focus your eyes on the greater gain, then shall you reach your destination. If you know where to look in the Garden, you’ll reap a bountiful harvest.

Divinity Exotic Quest is not very long but int inclused doing the Garden of Salvation. It is indeed a powerful weapon such that it makes your targets weaker and easier to eliminate. Isn’t it incredible? I l know a lot of gamers would be curious already on how they can get their hands on this weapon. Getting through this exotic quest is the only way around it.

Of course, take a chill pill as we gradually show you the critical steps to getting the divinity weapon.

However, having the knowledge of where you may find the weapon isn’t enough. You need to bring your A-game to the battlefield with the Vex and stand victorious against the horrifying demons. If you’re willing to lay your hands on this exotic weapon, you’ll need to finish up this quest in the Garden of Salvation. Stay tuned!

Shadowkeep Exciting Facts

Steps you must take!

Firstly, before picking the divinity, you need to conquer the battle with the Minotaur at the Lunar Battleground Vex Gate. Find your way into the moon and locate the Lunar Battlegrounds.

Try as much as possible to navigate yourself into the Sorrow’s Harbor and then go southeast of the harbor. When you get to the Southeast zone of the sorrow’s harbor, you’ll have to cross to the other side on a bridge, which is crimson color.

Quickly move across the battlegrounds till you get to an open arena. If you recall, this is where you fought bravely to defend the pillars in your first mission.

This shouldn’t be difficult since you’ve not met with the enemy yet. Once you get the location correctly, you’re good to go. Don’t relax; we still have a long way to go.

On getting to the open area, check the left side, you will see a small cave, conspicuously located. Prepare yourself to meet with the enemy as you go inside the small cave.

Next in the Divinity Exotic Quest you’re faced with a big Vex Gate. You will be more familiar with the area if you have finished the raid at the Garden of Salvation.

Go closer to the gate and chill a little, having it in mind that in no time, the army of the Vex will start streaming out of the gate, trying their best to keep you out and kill you.

Kill as many as you can with your weapons and fighting skills. You will need to focus very well in this place as the Vex demons troop out of the gate with one goal, which is to eliminate your existence.

Gird your loins and prepare yourself with the three gaming essentials sight, mind, and rapid trigger pulling.

After you have conquered the army of the Vex, you will see a massive Minotaur, eliminate, and something will drop from its corpse, an exotic engram.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Season of the Undying Exciting Facts

defeating the Giant Minotaur

After defeating the Giant Minotaur, your way into the land of Nessus, which takes us to the second step. In the land of Nessus, you will have to find three hidden rooms in three different lost zones. Sounds a little tricky, right?

One of the craziest adventures is when you have to locate something without a detailed map. However, with this little quest guide, we have put together for you, you can find the rooms quickly and easily without getting lost.

The first lost zone is the ORRERY. You will find ORERRY in the Artifact’s edge. The entrance is not filled with apples and goodies, and you will have to fight your way through like a real soldier.

Enter the room as soon as you can, go up to where you will find a bunch of hobgoblins shooting heavily from the left side. Don’t stop! Keep moving up till you reach the third floor.

There, you will find a small alcove, find your way inside this alcove and locate a data node. Heads up! Some enemies are around.

Once you start scanning the node, they will surface and try to stop you. Eliminate them with the weapons at your disposal and finish the scanning. At this point, you would have completed one-third of the second step.

lost zone is the CONFLUX

The next lost zone is the CONFLUX. Don’t forget, we have three lost sectors to find. Keep that in mind, stay patient and follow each step judiciously.

You can find this second lost sector in the Cistern of Nessus. Find your way into Cistern and stick to your right. You will see a small room where you’ll have to skip over the wall to enter. While in the room, you will quickly locate the data node as soon as you cut a corner.

Start scanning and bracing yourself for enemies. Same with the first sector, repeat the same thing and move on to the next lost zone in the land of Nessus. All these hidden rooms are essential steps to acquiring the divinity weapon. This brings to the last and final sector.

kill as much of the Vex as possible

The next step is somewhat exciting. You get to kill as much of the Vex as possible. Keep one thing in mind; leave no Vex alive. You’ll also have your allies to support you in the massacre. Kill about 120 Vex till you reach Eris. This is, however, important to retrieving the Divinity weapon.

Stop at Eris to spend phantasmal fragments. How do you do that? Navigate your way to Lectern, not too far from Eris, and purchase your next quest step with thirty phantasmal fragments. What’s the problem?

Not enough fragments? Easy! Get more fragments with five helium filaments. If you don’t have these, then you have no other choice than to engage yourself with some nightmare hunting activities on the moon.


head into the Garden of Salvation

After you have purchased the final step, get some helpful guardians, and head into the Garden of Salvation raid. Put on your thinking cap as there are exciting puzzles for you to solve. Using the tether machine, you’ll have to solve each puzzle installed at specific locations. These puzzles are really fun and entertaining. I’m confident you’ll enjoy it.

You need to do is locate each puzzle and solve it. Once you’re able to get these puzzles, you are one step to the finish line. All that’s remaining is to conquer the last chief enemy. It may take a while finishing these steps, but it’s worth it. I’ll advise you budget for about five hours to reach the final step.

As soon as you conquer the chief enemy, two boxes will appear in the room. There, you’ll see the divinity weapon in one box and a raid loot in the other.

What an exciting game, right? I think with these steps, we have made the quest easier. In summary, defeat the Minotaur, visit the three lost zones, kill the Vex army, spend some phantasmal fragments, solve some puzzles and finish off the final boss.

Go through all these, and the divinity is yours.