All We Know About the Return of Trials of Osiris in Season of Worthy

Published: March 12, 2020

When Bungie first released Destiny 2, many fans felt disappointed that the trials of Osiris weren’t in the game. This gameplay mode was one of the most popular parts of the original game, and many players still play Destiny 1 because of it.

When Bungie announced that the Destiny trials of Osiris were coming back for the Season of Worthy, players all over the world celebrated, but what if you never played the original? If you’re new to the Destiny universe, fear not. Read on to learn everything you need to know about the trials.

What Are the Destiny Trials of Osiris?

While full details about the Trials of Osiris have yet to come out, there are a few assumptions we can make based on the original version.

The trials are a player vs. player mode in which two teams made up of three guardians each takes each other on in an elimination challenge. Teams try to earn wins to earn rewards.

In the past, if you won nine times without losing, your team could go to The Lighthouse on Mercury where you could get special, powerful loot.

How Do You Enter the Trials of Osiris?

The trials begin every Friday at 10 AM PST and continue until the weekly reset every Tuesday. To enter, your team will use a ticket, which expires if you lose three times. Your goal is to win as many matches as you can before losing three times.

The ticket in Destiny 1 comes from Brother Vance, who is now a merchant on Mercury. Players could also buy certain advantages for the trials from Brother Vance using coins that they earned from their previous attempts.

  • The Boon of Osiris counted your next win as two wins, meaning that if you were at seven wins and had this boon, your next win would put you at nine, giving you access to the Lighthouse.
  • The Favor of Osiris added a win to your scorecard. You could also use this to get the ninth win and get to the lighthouse.
  • The Mercy of Osiris removed a loss from your scorecard, giving you an extra chance to win nine in a row.

We’re not sure if these same boons will be available in Destiny 2. Since the game is free to play, there’s a good chance that they could have these boons and others that players can buy through microtransactions.

Rewards for Completing the Trials

Once your team wins nine in a row, you’re granted access to the lighthouse we mentioned before. There, you’ll receive powerful loot that will give your guardian a leg up in the game and future trials.

The rewards inside of the lighthouse rotated, but they would always include an exotic emblem, between four and six motes of light, and one of four legendary primary weapons. In the second and third year guardians would also receive a themed piece of armor and the possibility of getting an exotic item.

Guardians also received rewards for reaching certain milestones. After five wins, they would receive a weekly trials piece of armor, and after seven wins they’d receive a trials weapon.

There’s a good chance that a similar structure will exist this time, as the original version kept players coming back to the game for rewards.

Other Benefits of the Trials of Osiris

One of the best things about the trials in the first Destiny was the maps. This year, developers confirmed that they’re bringing back three fan-favorite maps: Cauldron, Anomaly, and Exodus Blue.

Players can also earn the original trials gear set. If you win nine matches in a row without losing and own this gear, the armor and weapons will glow to let everyone around you know that you’re a champion.

Why You Need a Carrying Service to Help You

The rewards for completing the trials of Osiris give your guardian an advantage as you look to move up the leaderboards. The armor and weapons are unique to the challenge.

There’s only one problem though: the trials aren’t for the meek at heart. Going 9-0 is difficult. In the original, there wasn’t a matchmaking ability, meaning you needed to have friends that were powerful to help you win.

Even if Bungie enables matchmaking in Destiny 2, that means that you’ll need to rely on strangers to win, which isn’t easy.

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