Destiny 2’s Necrotic Grip are broken, and fans are rocking it.

Published: September 24, 2021

Games like Destiny 2, with seasonal models, often experience glitches and other funny interactions. But players are used to it – because where a massive game like Destiny 2 is involved, bugs/glitches are bound to come up from time to time.

Looking back at such glitches, you might remember the very fresh interaction between the Telesto, a fusion rifle, and a new mod called Thermoclastic Blooming. Although this interaction didn’t exist much longer, Bungie was quick to find out, eventually disabling both the gun and the mod for working on it further.

But that was just one example of the many lists of interactions, including the one interaction between Warlocks’ Exotic gloves called Necrotic Grip and Thorn. Now, another glitch related to Necrotic Grips has been making the players experience robust gameplay.

Usually, the Necrotic Grips Exotic spreads poison and has a damage-over-time effect. But what we are experiencing now is that a combo of the bottom tree of the Warlock’s Dawnblade subclass and Necrotic Grips are spreading explosions and burning effects in Season of the Lost. Although it is not yet confirmed whether it is indeed a bug or an intended interaction, many have been taking it as a possible bug considering the past bugs and subsequent fixes by Bungie.

Ehroar, a YouTuber and Destiny 2 content creator, has shown in a video how this works. In the video, you see that along with spreading the innate poison effect, the Necrotic Grip also spreads burns and explosions. You will find these interactions working with Warlock’s Igniting Touch melee burn and Fated for the Flames perks. This interaction also works on grenade kills, creating chain explosions powerful enough to clear rooms in record time.

Many speculate that even if this interaction was intended, it is likely to go through a modification to match with other Exotic choices for other classes. But many others, who are sure this interaction is another bug, given other issues going on in Season of the Lost, are loving the broken build. But in any case, players will have to wait to see what Bungie says about the interaction.