How To Get Chroma Rush Auto Rifle And Its God Rolls In Destiny 2

Published: January 17, 2022

Well, did you reach the Season of the Splicer in Destiny 2 and wonder how to get Chroma Rush? If so, here is the way to get this weapon and its God Rolls.

Season of the Splicer brings you another best weapon, the Chroma Rush, a 720 RPM auto rifle. Not only this, but this season has a lot for you, including 6 player gameplay, new missions, and armors, etc. You would enjoy the whole season with the fantastic collection.

If we talk a little about the season, you and other players would have to join Fallen Captain Mithrax. As a result, you can stop the earth from getting dark, which is the aim of Vex. Along with some of the previous features, you get some new weapons in this season.

Chroma Rush Auto Rifle
Chroma Rush is the most famous auto rifle from the Season of the Splicer. It comes with a lot of perks, and Rapid-Fire is one of them. Other perks include Feeding Frenzy, Subsistence, Tunnel Vision, Rampage, etc. In combination, these can cause extra and superb damage to the foes.

What Does Chroma Rush Do
Chroma Rush delivers high-speed 720 RPM (rounds per minute) with excellent handling and great stability. Except for the range, everything works quite perfectly. But you can use a barrel to increase the range as well.

How To Get Chroma Rush Auto Rifle In Destiny 2
Chroma Rush in Destiny is made available in the Season of the Splicer and is a seasonal weapon. You can get this weapon in several drops. Completing Override activity, weekly challenges, unlocking Splicer Reputation packages, and decrypting specific Umbral Engrams will earn it.

If you want to get this weapon, you would have to play smart. It’s because completing the Override and decrypting Umbral Engrams are pretty tricky tasks. So, if you are lucky, you’ll get the weapon on the first try; otherwise, you would have to try multiple attempts.

Chroma Rush God Rolls
There are several perks you can have for your Chroma Rush and enjoy its god rolls. But as this weapon is hard to get, the same is for the rolls. However, the God Rolls differ based on your playstyle. Here are the best PVE and PVP god rolls of Chroma Rush.

Chroma Rush PVE God Roll
●Tactical Mag or Appended Mag
●Feeding Frenzy or Subsistence
●Rampage or Kill Clip
●Corkscrew Rifling

For the PVE, you should go for Corkscrew Rifling in the first slot. It will help increase the range, stability, and handling of your gun. If you want to increase the size of your magazine, you should try Tactical Mag in the second slot. However, you can also use Appended Mag for this purpose.

Feeding Frenzy or Subsistence can increase the reload speed of your weapon by 120% on every kill using it. If you want to use the Feeding Frenzy roll, go for Appended Mag, as Frenzy will give reload speed.

Feeding Frenzy works perfectly with Rampage and Kill Clip. But if you prefer not to reload frequently, go for Subsistence. It is the best perk in PVE games due to the new changes. Remember one thing, never use Subsistence with Kill Clip as they’ve conflicting functions.

Chroma Rush PVP God Roll
●Accurized Rounds
●Hammer-Forged or Corkscrew Rifling
●Rampage or Thresh
●Dynamic Sway Reduction

Apart from PVE rolls, there are also many PVP rolls for Chroma Rush. This weapon has less range, and we need it for competition with opponents. So, we must have a perk or two to get more out of it. Luckily, we have two different perks that can increase the range.

You should go for either Hammer-Forged Rifling or Corkscrew Rifling in the first slot for getting more range. In the second slot, Accurized Rounds could be your option of using perk for range. You can get more kills after using these two perks at a distance of up to 40 meters.

To get more kills on moving targets, use the Dynamic Sway Reduction perk thanks to the large magazine of Chroma Rush. For survival activities, you’ll need the Super first for a compelling game. Thresh is an excellent option for this purpose, and for 6v6 modes, use Rampage.

Well! That’s all about how to get the Chroma Rush auto rifle in Destiny 2 so far. If you want to enjoy Season of the Splicer to the fullest, you must get this weapon and its rolls. We hope you have understood the above two methods of getting this excellent weapon.