Destiny 2 Shadowkeep – What We Know

Published: August 19, 2019Destiny 2 Shadowkeep - What We Know

Shadowkeep Expansion is a Whole Lot of Game

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Expansion pack goes live October 1, 2019

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep now offers Cross Save

The map is 3 times the size of the original

This large size though puts it in comparison to two other expansion packs, thus leaving room to prove itself against these other experiences of the game. Though even so, there are familiar locations and characters in this new game play. It begins with taking place on the moon, where the darkness was found. The moon in Shadowkeep is altered from the moon in Destiny 1, though still resembling the first introduction to this location.

The map is about 3x the size of the original, with new features such as the crevasse that runs from end to end of the planet. Eris Morn is the protagonist, creating ripples after being found out to be alive. This character puts an almost eerie feel on the game, which makes sense with this expansion being a very serious component to the compile of story line. This expansion is so large with all its data that it’s expected to be exciting but with ownership changing, the risk is real. Some recent releases have given a small idea of what to expect, leaving optimism on the rise. Little has been said referencing raids and map description, but as for hints- the Black Garden is a place to check out.

All Sorts of new content in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep

Steam is the new home for PC

In other news, the expansion will be playable through steam regardless of the data overload because of the new home for Destiny 2 via PC. Since resigning from Activision, a new location on PC was necessary, and for Bungie this is perfect. With how popular Steam has remained for PC gaming, this change only looks to be successful. Along with the change on PC, there is a change in Destiny 2 payment forte that is coinciding with Shadowkeep’s release.

In October players will begin paying more on a seasonal plan- leaving there to be more flux in choices on content. Previously with Activision there was an annual payment plan, but this change is going to be more fitted for the games’ workings. Though taking place at the same time as the Shadowkeep expansion release, they are a separate situation. Come time to update finances, you will need to purchase Shadowkeep independently.

Will bungie maintains the standards?

This release still has a while to wait for, but in anticipation there is a lot to be learning ahead of time to prepare yourself for the new content (or just to geek over). In the meantime, there will be more public announcements to come about the reworking of Destiny 2 that is also correlating with Shadowkeep expansion release- plenty enough to keep us busy until October I hope!

Shadowkeep is a bit overwhelming in size and even expectant content, but we will see if Bungie maintains the standards that have been formed as the toilsome of independence simmers down. With Activision no longer in the picture, its unsure how this will turn over, but I am optimistic. It will be a major let down if I were to go into investing on this expansion and have these content changes turn out to be either A) a mess or B) too complex for the game play. I guess we will see when October 1st comes around, but hopefully with the extended release date, the wait is worth the overload of a download.

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