The Ultimate Guide to Destiny 2: Season of Arrivals

Published: June 12, 2020

Even though Destiny 2 has been out since 2017, the game still logs over 100,000 players a day. Over the past several days, these players have gotten several updates from Bungie on the future of Destiny 2. First, we learned about the Beyond Light expansion that’s coming on Sept. 22. We also learned more about season 11, called the Season of Arrivals.

While some players have found previous seasons disappointing, there’s reason to believe that season 11 will bring amazing changes that will set up Destiny for 2021 and beyond. What are the changes coming to season 11? What information can we gather from the new season’s roadmap? Here’s everything you need to know about the new season and what we know so far about the upcoming expansion.

When is the Season of Arrivals?

The new season started June 9th with the contact event on Io. This stage runs until July 7th, when the moments of triumph begin. From there, you’ll experience the prophecy dungeon and the solstice of heroes. The event runs from now until September 8th. You’ll also have the opportunity to earn pinnacle gear in mission interference and weekly events, and there’s more new content promised this season.

Two weeks after the end of season 11, Beyond Light will become available. What will happen in those two weeks is anybody’s guess.

What Is The Storyline For The Newest Season?

In the base game, guardians discovered that black pyramids were ominously hanging around the outside of the solar system. Now, those pyramids have decided to make their intentions known, with one landing on Io.

Although Eris Moon believes that she knows where the pyramids come from and what they want, no one knows for sure. Guardians must investigate and discover what threat the pyramids pose. The one that touched down on Io is now causing anomalies to occur, and there are smaller black pyramids in the area as well.

The first thing guardians will do is go on an interference mission. You’ll search for Eris while teleporting between the inside of the pyramid, the Oasis on Io, and the ascendant plane. The Oasis features a silver tree born from the Traveler’s light which is now growing. While this mission doesn’t give us much information, we expect that in the next few weeks we’ll discover more about these pyramids through future interference missions.

Players can also take part in Contact, where they’ll kill enemies to collect motes from them and put them in the Drifter’s machines. Once they collect enough motes, they’ll summon a Taken boss and have to kill it for rewards.

While we aren’t sure where the story will take us in the future, we do know that the traveler will play an important role. The first interference mission makes several references to Savathün, the Taken King Oryx’s sister, so we’re assuming that she’ll play an important role as well. Of course, Bungie tends to be cryptic in the early stages of new content, so it’s impossible to say for sure what’s going to happen.

What Are Some of the Major Changes This Season?

As you play through the new season, you’ll notice several changes. First, of course, is the new weapons and armor that you can get in the game. You’ll also come across umbral engrams, can earn new triumphs and seals, enter the prophecy dungeon, get IX-themed armor, and more.

Here are some of our favorite new features in season 11.

Falling Guillotine

Falling Guillotine Legendary Sword

You must own the falling guillotine and the cold denial for this weapon. This massive sword comes with the vortex frame, letting you do a spin to win attack. The sword also comes with the whirlwind blade perk, which buffs damage through quick sword strikes. With this weapon, you can attack individuals and get rid of them fast, but if they do surround you, the spin attack will take out a large group with ease.

Once you hit level 30, you’ll get the falling guillotine. At level 45, you’ll receive the cold denial pulse rifle. From there, you can use umbral engrams to get this legendary sword. If you’re a melee fighter, this weapon is a must-have and will instantly make the game more fun.

Cold Denial Pulse Rifle

Cold Denial Pulse Rifle

For this weapon, you must own the cold denial and falling guillotine. If you’re looking for a gun that packs a heavy punch, this is the weapon for you. The only downside of this weapon is that you can’t fire it quickly. A major bonus is that you have increased accuracy when you’re standing still and aiming down the sights.

This weapon is ideal for guardians that want to methodically take out enemies and value the idea of planning out their attacks. If you charge ahead and attack enemies head-on, you might want a different weapon instead.

Whispering Lab Combat Bow

Whispering Lab Combat Bow 

This is one of the few weapons sound in season of Arrivals in where every perk is great. No matter what you roll, you’ll end up with a bow that works great against a variety of enemies. It’s a kinetic bow that, with certain perks, allows you to hit hipfire shots better than ADS. With elastic string, you’ll also have 540 draw time, allowing you to rain death on your enemies quickly.

If you use bows frequently, get this weapon immediately.

False Promises Auto Rifle

False Promises Auto Rifle found in Season of Arrivals

This rifle allows you to shoot down enemies from a distance with deadly accuracy. The most powerful advantage this gun offers guardians is in its stability. It offers precise aim that lets you clear out enemies before they know what’s coming.

You have to find cover or stand still while using this weapon. If you move around a lot while firing, you’re going to miss a large number of shots. If you’re an experienced sniper, this gun will make you more powerful. If you aren’t used to picking your shots wisely, however, you could end up worse off by trying to add this gun to your arsenal.

Even though it seems like these guns all have weaknesses, that’s what makes this season so promising. Gone are the days of overpowered weapons that anyone can pick up and use. This season, the game introduces weapons that are suited to the different types of players.

Hollow Words Fusion Rifle 

Hollow words is a fusion rifle that packs a punch and is just a fun weapon to play with. The first thing you’ll notice is the synthetic sound it makes when you fire it, adding a fun dimension to the weapon. The next thing you’ll notice is that the gun is very stable and has a natural feel when you use it. The gun makes it easy to dispatch a large number of enemies quickly. For a rifle, the gun also fires quickly and has a good range.

Temptations Hook Sward

Temptation’s Hook Legendary Sword

If you’re looking for a way to get rid of bosses quickly, the Temptation’s Hook sword is a great weapon. The blade will melt bosses in a matter of seconds and can also get you out of a jam. The weapon comes with the surrounded perk, which increases the damage of the weapon when you’re surrounded by three or more enemies. It also features Honed Edge, adding more damage to an already deadly sword.

If you prefer to rush into combat and take your enemies out with speed and force, this is a great choice for you. Because of the surrounded perk, you don’t have to worry about enemies overtaking you, and you can also one-hit most enemies, preventing you from getting surrounded in the first place.

The biggest problem with this, and the other legendary weapons listed here, is that they are random. You’ll have to do a lot of grinding to get the weapons and the rolls that you want, which is where we come in. Our carrying service can get you the weapons you need to help you move up or stay on top of the leaderboards, even if you don’t have hours every day to spend in Destiny 2.

What Is The Prophecy Dungeon?

The prophecy dungeon is more challenging than previous Destiny 2 dungeons, in part because of the power level that players will now have to grind towards. The dungeon consists of several encounters and has a suggested power level of 1040. By the end of the dungeon, you’ll meet enemies with a power level of 1060, so going in at 1040 will require serious skill.

To get into the dungeon, you have to open two doors. First, you’ll have to take out taken thrall and orange bar taken knights (Echos). You’ll also need to collect enough motes of both dark and light energy to deposit them. You get light motes by killing knight echos in the light, and you get dark motes by killing them while in the dark.

After you get the motes needed, you’ll clear the two columns to open the first door. You’ll need to repeat this process and you’ll then get into the dungeon.

If you’re at 1040 or below, it will be very hard to complete the dungeon. If you don’t have the time to grind your way to 1040 or above, you may need to consider getting a carrying service to either get some of the legendary weapons listed above or complete the dungeon for you.

What Is The New Increased Power Cap?

The new power cap in Season of Arrivals is 1050, or 1060 for pinnacle gear. This is a 50 point bump from last season, meaning that you’ll have to do a lot of grinding, especially in the beginning. You aren’t going to have much time to catch up with other players or get ready for events such as the dungeon. If you don’t get to 1050 quickly, you’ll feel left behind as you progress through the Destiny 2 roadmap.

You’ll especially have to work hard if you didn’t reach the cap last season. It could take you weeks of grinding to get to a reasonable power level, and even then, other players will have done the same. You’ll have to reach a high power level and get the gear you need to move up and stay competitive.

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