Destiny 2 Roadmap: A Guide to Season of the Worthy

Published: April 3, 2020

Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy launched on March 10, just in time for everyone to go into quarantine. But for avid players, the shutdowns have meant more playtime. And while we’ve already seen some amazing content coming out of Season 10, there’s far more left. 

So far on the Destiny 2 roadmap, we’ve seen the launch of the Seraph Tower event and the return of the Trials of Osiris. But more events and releases are expected as the spring goes on, including a Grandmaster Ordeal and the Guardian Games.

Read on to learn what to expect in Season 10 of Destiny 2 and when to watch for the new updates.

Rundown of Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy

Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy is here, and the Guardians of the Light are called to battle once more. The Sundial has been freed from the clutches of the Red Legion, but all is not well. One escaped Psion Flayer has enacted a desperate ploy for revenge against the Last City.

Season 10 of Destiny 2 brings with it new weapons, and events, as well as the return of some old favorites. Any Guardian Power Level 960 or above can participate for free, and multiple wins in a row will earn you Pinnacle gear. If you win seven in a row, you can get special access to The Lighthouse, as well as other rewards.

March 10

On March 10, the Seraph Tower Event launched. This was a new player-versus-environment activity that rewards players with new legendary weapons and armor. However, the event has come with almost no in-game guidance, and many players have found themselves floundering.

The first challenge of this event is to find the Seraph Towers, although only two of the three locations have been revealed so far. Once you’ve located a tower, your objective is to charge the main tower while defending the active charge plate. Enemies will try to swarm the charge plate, and you must be able to defend against them.

On March 10, the Seraph Tower Event

March 13

On March 13, the Trials of Osiris returned to Destiny 2. This is a callback that many original players of Destiny will remember. The Trials are a player-versus-player event where Guardians team up in groups of three to battle to the death.

You win a match, which consists of a number of two-minute rounds, by killing all three players on your opposing team. You can also win by capturing a certain zone in the middle of the map. If you get a Flawless Scorecard with nine wins and zero losses, you can gain the ability to visit The Lighthouse.

March 10 and 24

On March 10 and 24, new Seraph Bunkers were revealed in Season of the Worthy. The Seraph Bunkers are a new Legendary Lost Sector set that will help you shoot down a giant Cabal spaceship. The bunkers are located in the European Dead Zone and on the Moon. 

You’ll have to tackle the Seraph Bunkers after you take care of the March 10 Seraph Tower event. You’ll need to clear the bunker of Fallen or Hive enemies and connect the bunker to Rasputin’s network. Once the bunker is clear, you can begin upgrading it to Rank 1.


April 7

On April 7, Destiny 2 fans can expect to see a third Seraph Bunker unlock. This one will be located on Io. As with the other two Seraph Bunkers, you’ll need to upgrade this bunker and connect it to Rasputin’s network if you want to have a shot at taking down the Cabal spaceship. 

Since this release hasn’t dropped yet, we aren’t sure what exactly to expect in the Io Seraph Bunker. In general, you can probably expect it to follow the same format as the other two bunkers. Clear out the baddies, find the item that will let you upgrade the bunker, and hook it into Rasputin’s network.

April 21

On April 21, the Grandmaster Ordeal will begin for Guardians of the Light. This will be a new difficulty level for Nightfall Strikes. This event will be another player-versus-environment setup, further proof that Bungie is planning to keep this play format rather than abandoning it entirely for player-versus-player content.

The Grandmaster Ordeal is expected to be similar in difficulty to raids, so if you have experience with those, it should pay off for you here. You can expect to see a few different versions of the Ordeal throughout the season. These range from Insight Terminus and Exodus Crash to Warden of Nothing and Tree of Probabilities.


April 21 to May 11

From April 21 to May 11, Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy players can engage in the Guardian Games. This event will be free for all players, and Bungie is calling it a “class competition.” This event is new to Destiny 2 and will replace a seasonal event that ran for a few weeks last spring.

Players can expect to get new legendary armor and special weapons out of the Guardian Games. This event is also expected to be much more competitive than the Revelry, which was more player-versus-environment. Many gamers speculate that the Guardian Games were supposed to be thematically tied to the 2020 Olympic games, which have sadly been postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Discover the Destiny 2 Roadmap for Yourself

Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy is a great expansion on the MMO series. We’ve already seen some of the new releases hit, and players can look forward to more coming early in April. So keep an eye on this Destiny 2 roadmap, get ready for the Io Seraph Bunker, and good hunting, Guardians!

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