Destiny 2 Prophecy Dungeon Guide

Published: June 20, 2020Destiny 2 Prophecy Dungeon Guide

Destiny 2 Prophecy Dungeon Guide

Have you ever wanted Destiny 2 to get weird? While playing with friends, have you ever told them that what Destiny needs is a little bit of trippiness? 

If so, you and the over 100,000 people that play Destiny 2 every month are in luck. In the Season of Arrivals, things are starting stranger than ever before with the Prophecy Dungeon. In this new game mode, you and two other guardians will face several challenges in an attempt to get pinnacle rewards and find out more about the newly arrived pyramids. It’s the most unique of the Destiny 2 dungeons we’ve seen to date. 

Are you ready to take a trip to the Realm of the IX? Check out our Destiny 2 Prophecy Dungeon guide today so that you can go into the newest Destiny 2 expansion, Beyond Light, with the best gear! 

What is the Prophecy Dungeon? 

When you first enter the dungeon, there’s a good chance that you’ll need a few minutes to get your bearings. The Tower map itself isn’t exactly clear; it only says that you’ll find out the nature of the Darkness. 

The easiest way to describe the dungeon is that it’s a collection of bosses and encounters. Each of these requires a different strategy to succeed. These encounters aren’t what we’ve typically seen from Bungie in that the solutions aren’t always easy to figure out. You and your teammates will have to put some serious thought into each fight and puzzle to progress through the dungeon, but the rewards you receive at the end are well worth it. 

To activate the dungeon, you don’t have to run around and complete prerequisites to start it. You only have to go to the tower and press start. 

With that said, the dungeon has a recommended power level of 1040. During the later stages of the dungeon, you’ll fight enemies with a power level of 1060. We recommend that you start the dungeon at 1050, but you can complete it with a lower power level if you know what to expect when you enter. 

How Do I Open The Doors? 

The first challenge you’ll face in the Prophecy Dungeon appears easy on the surface: open two doors. It’s a way for players to learn the mechanics of the dungeon. There’s no loot, but don’t worry: there will be plenty of that later. 

The first thing that happens to your team is that you get attacked by taken thrall and Echos, which are taken knights with orange bars. Once you get rid of them, you’ll find two columns with either dark or light energy. You need to get motes to deposit them and open the door.

This challenge is pretty straight-forward. You have to kill knight echos on the left path. If you kill a knight in the light, you’ll get three light motes. Killing knights in the dark will give you the dark motes you need. You need ten of each to open the columns. 

Once you get five motes, you’ll see your character in the third person. Go to the columns and deposit your motes by pressing the right trigger. Once you clear both columns, you’ll need to do the whole process again to clear the challenge and get into the actual dungeon. 

Again, there’s no need to look for loot during this encounter. The main thing you should do at this point is to learn the mechanics, as you’ll use them throughout the rest of the Prophecy Dungeon. This challenge is pretty easy and straight-forward, so enjoy it. It’s the last time you’ll say that something is easy. 


Prophecy Dungeon Guide. 

How Do I Beat The Phalanx Echo?

The next challenge you’ll face is killing a phalanx echo. First, you’ll have to clear two more columns of dark and light energy. You and your team will do the same thing you did during the first part of the dungeon here. Work with your team and figure out who’s getting dark and light motes and it shouldn’t take up too much of your time. 

Once you deposit the motes, you’ll see the panels around the arena shift and change the areas of light and dark. You’ll need to get rid of the four columns to lower the Echo’s shield and do damage to him. 

You’ll fight the boss in close quarters, and he has a shield that covers his body. Sniping is almost useless during this encounter, so focus on shotguns, swords, and grenades. Your goal is to do as much damage as possible before the shield restores, at which point you’ll need to collect more motes and get rid of the columns again to lower the shield. 

The right weapons will make all the difference when taking on the Phalanx Echo. If you’ve done enough grinding before entering the dungeon or uses a professional carrying service, you could use the Temptation’s Hook Sword to do a lot of damage fast. Another powerful weapon for his encounter is the Falling Guillotine Legendary Sword. Either of these swords should be able to carry your team to the next encounter quickly. 

Destiny Carries LFG Prophecy Dungeon Guide.

How Do I Get Out of the Desert? 

After killing the Echo, you’ll visit the desert for the first time. The bad news is that the desert is crawling with taken enemies. The good news is that the desert also has a secret chest that you can get. 

To get the secret chest, head Northwest from your spawn point until you find a building with gold trim. This building is a Clovis engineering building, although it’s slightly buried in the sand. On the other side of the building is a dune covered with golden sand. Inside of an opening, you’ll find a chest filled with loot. 

After getting your goodies, you’ll use your Sparrow and look for a glowing energy ring surrounded by Blights. You’ll need to get rid of the enemies to cause a white ball of energy (Torland) to show up above the pink ring. Follow Torland and kill the enemies you encounter. Eventually, you’ll find an energy column that takes you to the next encounter. 

How Do I Solve The Cube? 

Until now, things have seemed pretty straightforward. Grab some motes, kill some enemies, run around and grab some loot. These are pretty standard in the world of Destiny. 

The next encounter you have isn’t like anything you’ve ever experienced in Destiny. 

You’ll enter a six-sided arena where you’ll have to grab the light and dark motes while running along the walls. Toland will levitate over a certain column of energy, and you have to dunk the motes into that specific one. When you’ve put the motes in the correct column, the center of the arena will light up and you and your three team members will warp to the place Toland was. Then, you’ll have an entirely new perspective of the cube and will have to repeat this all over again. 

There could be a time where Toland is above you. If that happens, you have to put the motes into a column that matches where you need to go next. 

Once you’ve cleansed each of the six sides, you go to a different arena and will have to face two Takens. You’ll need to hit them with your best weapon. The main thing to remember during this encounter is that you need to kill the hobgoblins above you first because they’re the most dangerous enemies to you and your team. They can take out lower level players with only a few hits, so if you have someone below a 1040 power level, it’s critical to hide them using the pillars in the room until you kill the hobgoblins. 

The enemies in this encounter have a power level of 1050, so you’ll need a strong team to take them out. Collect your loot and you’re ready for the next area!

Where is the Second Secret Chest?

After the cube, you’re back in the desert, which might not seem like an ideal, but it’s how you get to the Ribbon Road and Singularity. In the desert, you’ll notice a few mobs of Taken Thralls hanging out. They aren’t very difficult to take out with the right weapons and some teamwork, so you shouldn’t have a problem here. 

What should trouble you is the Taken Kell Echo. When you first notice him, fire off some shots and he’ll transport further away from him. You have to follow him through the desert, taking out Thralls along the way. You’ll notice him in the background seemingly waving you towards him. You’ll follow him to the Singularity, which is a trippy place that looks like a road made of ribbon. You’ll use your Sparrow to drive through it. 

The road has a lot of twists and turns. If you find yourself in front of a giant loop of ribbon, don’t try to follow it because you’ll end up falling and dying. Instead, look for another way or follow the platforms. The goal is to get to the bottom where your last challenge awaits. 

Before you reach the bottom though, don’t forget your second secret chest! When you get to the bottom of the road, you’ll notice a large diamond shape next to the platform. Go below the stairway inside of the diamond and you’ll find the chest.

Now, get rid of the enemies and you’ll get pulled into the next area, which is a strange hallway type structure featuring some weak enemies. Once the enemies are gone, you’re ready to face the ultimate challenge: the Kell Echo boss. 

Our Destiny 2 Prophecy Dungeon Guide to Killing The Kell Echo Boss 

At the beginning of your battle, the Echo will spawn in the three corners of the triangle area you’re in. He’ll also bring along some Taken and Knight friends to battle you. 

There will be a column of either dark or light energy that you have to deal with first, so you’ll need to kill the echos in whichever one you need to get the motes. Get five of them and put them in front of the column near one of the Kell Echos. he’ll disappear, and then you’ll need to kill the Ogre he leaves behind. You’ll need to repeat this process for all three Echos and then stand in the purple energy in the center of the arena to advance to the damage stage. 

You’ll now be in a long room with floating platforms. The boss will be in front of you, warping away and building up Dark Entropy. This buff will kill you when it reaches 10. He also throws out a shroud that can transport you to the back of the hallway. This is problematic because the only way you can lower the dark entropy is to work your way onto a platform that’s next to the one he’s on. 

To top it off, there are hobgoblins to deal with. They could very well snipe you when you’re jumping towards an adjacent platform, making you have to work even harder. 

To beat the Kell Echo, your team will need to complete the entire sequence, including getting rid of the three Kell Echos and the hallway, until you finally kill the boss. 

What Weapons Work Best In The Destiny 2 New Dungeon? 

To do well, you’ll need a sword that allows you to deal fast damage in close combat for the Phalanx Echo. You’ll also need some powerful guns to help you fight the Kell Echo boss. Our personal favorites for the dungeon include: 

  • Falling Guillotine Legendary Sword
  • Temptation’s Hook
  • The Chaperone
  • Claws of the Wolf
  • Thorn

What Power Level Should I Be When Starting The Prophecy Dungeon? 

The game recommends a power level of 1040, but we believe that it’s best to go in a little bit higher. 1050-1060 would be ideal, although not everyone can grind to that level. If you don’t have the time or patience to grind to 1060 but still want the rewards, a carrying service is perfect for you. 

Can A Carrying Service Help You? 

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