Destiny 2 Meta Weapons and Armor for Season of the Worthy

Published: April 16, 2020

Meta Weapons and Armor for Destiny 2

The current kill king of Destiny 2 has 565,313 kills in PVP. Want to dethrone them?

If Destiny 2 is known for one thing, it’s the dozens of unique weapons and armor that allow you to grow your strength and truly become legend.

As The Season of the Worthy continues and the threat of the Darkness grows, it is imperative to know which of these Destiny 2 meta weapons is best. Knowing which Destiny 2 meta weapons and armor to equip for every situation will give you an edge against your enemies and allow you to quickly reach the coveted Light Level of 1000. 

We’re breaking out the big guns in The Season of the Worthy. Read on for our guide on all you need to know for the meta weapons and armor for Destiny 2’s Season of the Worthy.

What Is a Meta?

A “meta” is the term used for many different online games that describes whichever items, content, or strategies that are the best for making quick gains in the game.

Whether that is reaching the highest level or dominating in online matches, different games have different metas. What makes Destiny 2 unique is that there are different metas within the game, as each different type of activity within Destiny 2 has its own meta.

The Player vs Enemy (PVE) Meta is often quite different from the Player vs Player (PVP) Meta. Keeping up with the ever-changing Destiny 2 meta weapons is one of the most important aspects of growing your power.

The Season of The Worthy Meta

With the release of the Season of the Worthy, Bungie made several changes to the Destiny 2 weapons. These changes made certain weapon types much more powerful than others.

This season adds a few new activities that require you to clear waves of enemies and consistently take down incredibly powerful mini-bosses. These specific gameplay challenges lend certain weapon types to be more useful than others. For example, the auto rifle class of weapons got a massive boost in damage at the beginning of the season.

Understanding these changes to the Destiny 2 meta weapons, as well as the different perks you can acquire for them, will put you well on your way to reaching the top of your game.

Meta weapons

Understanding God-Tier Rolls

While there are a vast quantity of different weapons in the game, there are a limited number of actual weapon designs. However, each legendary weapon can be acquired with unique perks that separate it from the other versions of that weapon.

The best of these perks has been lovingly titled “God-Tier Rolls” by the community. These special versions of each weapon will give you a significant edge over your competition.

Each time you acquire a legendary weapon, it rolls with a random set of three perks that slightly changes how the weapon works. Whether it is faster reload times or better handling, finding the best perks for your favorite Destiny 2 meta weapons is essential for competing in high-level activities like the Trials of Osiris.

How to Determine the Best Destiny 2 Meta Weapons

Determining which of the Destiny 2 meta weapons is right for you is a process that is invaluable to your success in the Season of the Worthy. There are several different aspects that go into determining this.


One of the most important aspects of determining which of the Destiny 2 meta weapons you are going to use is how useful it is. Unfortunately, as the game updates, many weapons lose their ability to perform at the highest possible tiers and cannot take you to the highest Light Levels.

A good resource to determine whether the weapon you are using will get you to the top tier is the Charlemagne Discord Bot. This bot tracks all things Destiny 2 in order to determine the current meta, as well as the most popular and useful weapons.


The second thing to consider when finding the right Destiny 2 meta weapons is the weapons difficulty. This difficulty is factored in two different ways: how difficult the weapon is to find, and how difficult the weapon is to use. This is an important factor in determining which weapon to use, as the time sunk into acquiring a hard-to-find weapon may better be used elsewhere.

For example, we will compare two exotic auto rifles: the Monte Carlo and the Suros Regime. While both of these weapons are incredibly good guns, made even better with the recent auto rifle buff, the Monte Carlo edges out the Suros Regime due to its higher rate of fire and quicker reload time.

Despite this advantage, however, the Monte Carlo is significantly harder to acquire than the Suros Regime. Therefore, the Suros Regime may be the better weapon to use throughout the Season of the Worthy.

The difficulty of using the weapon is a factor as well, but this comes down to personal preference and skill level.

Fun Factor

The final, and arguably the most important, factor in determining the right Destiny 2 meta weapons for you is the fun factor of the weapons. This is completely down to your personal preference and how you play as a Guardian.

For example, if you find auto rifles to be boring and not enough of a challenge, you may want to focus your effort on finding the best hand cannons. While acquiring the best Destiny 2 meta weapons is important to reaching your highest potential, using the weapons that you find the most enjoyment with will be the deciding factor in making it to the top.

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The Top Destiny 2 Meta Weapons

While many different weapons are useful, some are more useful than others. If you are looking to find the quickest way to the top, or are trying to acquire a specific weapon, there are many services that can help you to boost your Destiny 2 characters.

We will organize these weapons into three categories: The Great, The Excellent, and The Can’t-Miss. To make things easier, we will also separate PVE and PVP categories in order to help you find the best weapons for your favorite content.

The Great (PVE)

These weapons are all-around workhorses. They will help you get out of any bind and are incredibly reliable Destiny 2 meta weapons to get you through the Season of the Worthy.

  • Tommy’s Matchbook: This exotic auto rifle can be acquired very easily through the Season of the Worthy’s Season Pass. This auto rifle has an insanely high rate of fire and is able to pump out solar DPS at an alarming rate. There is a catch, however: the weapon damages your shields as you fire it.
  • Dire Promise: This legendary hand cannon is so useful it should be called Ol’ Reliable. With its incredibly high impact, consistent God-Tier rolls, and slot for your preferred exotic, Dire Promise will get you through anything Season of the Worthy can throw at you.
  • IKELOS_SG_V1.0.1: This legendary Ikelos shotgun has been great since it first rolled out with the Warmind expansion all the way back in year 1. It’s easy to obtain and provides massive damage at close range. With 7 rounds per magazine and quick reload times, you can drop your enemies before they can even blink.

The Excellent (PVE)

These Destiny 2 meta weapons are worthy of your consideration no matter how you play. With some of the most reliable God-Tier rolls available as well as incredible versatility, they can take down some of your most powerful foes.

  • Breachlight: This legendary sidearm is perfect for taking down those pesky Barrier Champions found in the new Legendary Lost Sectors. With great DPS and incredible reload speed, this little guy will make a great companion to any exotic weapon.
  • Ace of Spades: This exotic hand cannon carries a lot of emotional weight. Fortunately, it hits with all of the punch that emotional weight brings. With incredibly high impact, and great perks like Memento Mori and Firefly, this hand cannon destroys enemies with all the swagger that Cayde-6 was known for.
  • Arc Logic: This legendary auto rifle is one of the most reliable arc weapons of the Destiny 2 meta weapons. With great perks like Adaptive Frame and Tactical Mag, this auto rifle can melt enemy shields and eradicate your enemies with the power of lighting.

The Can’t-Miss (PVE)

The name of the category speaks for itself: if you find one of these Destiny 2 meta weapons, you’ll want to equip it immediately. These weapons are top tier and will make reaching Light Level 1000 a cakewalk.

  • Sunshot: This Exotic hand cannon has always been great, but the new buffs to solar damage put it amongst the top ten best Destiny 2 weapons. With the Sunblast perk, targets killed with this weapon explode with a massive solar blast, allowing you to easily cook entire waves of enemies.
  • Hard Light: This exotic auto rifle has found its time to shine in the Season of the Worthy. With the auto rifle buff, its incredible magazine size, and amazing Volatile Light perk, it’s no wonder why every player is rushing to get their hands on this amazing weapon.
  • The Mountaintop: This legendary grenade launcher is here for a reason: it blows stuff up. This launcher is immensely useful for clearing waves of enemies during Seraph Bunker events. Plus, with its insanely high damage, it can put the hammer down on bosses.

The Great (PVP)

These Destiny 2 meta weapons are a great way to boost your Valor rank in the crucible. Fun and reliable, if you can get your hands on these weapons, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Revoker: This legendary sniper rifle is great for the more accurate Guardians out there. While it is a bit difficult to obtain, its incredibly high damage and ability to one-shot enemies at range makes it a great weapon to hold long lanes and objectives from a distance in the Crucible.
  • Elatha FR4: This legendary fusion rifle is one of the best in its class. With its ability to one-shot enemy Guardians, this is a great weapon to grind out fusion rifle kills with.
  • Mindbender’s Ambition: This legendary shotgun is top tier in close-range encounters. With its ability to decimate opponents at close range, this weapon is great for holding objectives or hiding around corners.

The Excellent (PVP)

You want these Destiny 2 meta weapons in your arsenal. Whether they are backup for some of our Can’t-Miss weapons or your primary gun, these will almost never let you down.

  • Hammerhead: This legendary light machine gun has been incredible since it was released. With immense power and accuracy at almost any range, this should be one of your go-to guns when you acquire heavy ammo in the Crucible.
  • Dust Rock Blues: This legendary shotgun is incredible at what it does. With massive damage, great handling, and a high fire rate, this easy-to-find shotgun is great in tough close-quarters fights.
  • Suros Regime: This exotic auto rifle is a returning favorite from Destiny 1. This weapon has incredibly high-impact shots and with that impact being increased further with the Suros Legacy perk, you should be able to make mincemeat out of any enemy in your sights.

The Can’t-Miss (PVP)

The title says it all. These are fantastic Destiny 2 meta weapons and you’ll want to acquire them.

  • Hard Light: As mentioned previously, this exotic auto rifle can do it all. With the added bonus of ricochet rounds, you can eliminate your enemies in the Crucible before they even see you.
  • Thorn: For Destiny 1 players, this weapon may bring back long-dormant nightmares. This exotic hand cannon has a unique perk which causes damage over time. While not as powerful as it once was, Thorn is still an incredibly reliable weapon and can be absolutely devastating to the opposing team.
  • Monte Carlo: This exotic auto rifle is another returning favorite from Destiny 1. With a great rate of fire, good damage, and incredible handling, this old friend will allow any player to rack up kills in Lord Shaxx’s training grounds. Kills with this weapon also increases its own damage output as well as the damage of melee attacks.

Using Your New Destiny 2 Meta Weapons Knowledge

The ever-changing meta of Destiny 2 is what keeps the game fresh and engaging. It’s a big reason why millions of players still flock to the game every month.

Understanding the Destiny 2 meta weapons is what takes a great Guardian to Legendary status. If you are looking for help in finding some of these weapons, or want to get to the top tier of Guardians as quickly as possible, contact us today.