Destiny 2 Gameplay

Published: August 21, 2019Destiny 2 Gameplay

Destiny 2 Gamplay

Destiny 2 Gameplay is some of the best seen a video game in quite some time. With Destiny 2 having been on the market since September 6th, 2017, the experience has evolved three times fold thus far. Expansions being released almost every midyear to help bring more story and content to the players; the game is extensive in following. Bungie’s sci-fi shooter has made a stellar experience out of this sequel, and I hope it only continues.

For those just jumping into the world of Destiny, a great angle to take on its’ type would be a shared online world first person shooter. This doesn’t exclude it from different role-playing aspects, but basically is an MMO. Taking on the character of a “Guardian” leaves you responsible for the Earth’s last city. There are exotic terrains to be explored, epic battles to take place in, and interesting weaponry to collect and experience as you travel through the original content of Destiny 2, but also making your way into the numerous expansion packs.

Destiny 2 Player Reach Nearly 30 million

Nearly 30 million people have given Destiny a chance, especially with it being released to the PC community. Destiny 2 being the sequel in a narrative form but also with layout and gameplay. The downfall to this sequel is the loss in character and loot carry over. If a player was able to reach level 20 and complete the “Black Garden” mission in the original game, then they will be permitted character carry over.

Other than the carry over, its important to note that in Destiny 2 there are not any different top level classes (same three; Hunter, Warlock, and Titan). To altercate this lack of change, Bungie includes a new subclass for each type of Guardian. They have been titled the Archstrider, the Hunter, Dawnblade Warlock, and the Sentinel Titan. This opens up a total of twelve different playstyles, each including their own skill trees, abilities, and equipment revamping.

The changes in weaponry begin with the basis of type. Compared to the previous “Primary, Special, and Heavy”, they are labeled in the sequel as “Kinetic, Energy, and Power”. This adds more interest to the formatting, but also intensifies to gameplay as weapons are more thought out in design and ability. Kinetic weapons being your primary, hold no special properties besides basic damage.

This would be a rifle or SMG, for example. Energy weapons are able to be equipped with elemental properties (fire, electricity, etc.). The thought behind this is it gives the player the chance to create combinations in attack. The final level of artillery would be the Power weapons. These would be your shotguns, rifles, and so on. The changes in weaponry enhances the game play enough to need the discussion on, but there are numerous aspects to Destiny 2 that catch my attention.

Bungies Allows you to create a Clan of up to 100 people

The ability to create clans of up to 100 individuals has been a favorite in gameplay conversation. This gives players the chance to play in some of the toughest environments on the game but with the comfort of their solidarity. Creating these “clans” gives the upper hand to numerous situations that would not be quite the same if ran through on the original content of Destiny. Destiny 2 also has a surprise in its gameplay with the largest location for socializing residing on Earth. The Red Legion is a great place to stop and meet other Guardians, work on small vents, and take up new quests.

Destiny 2 Gameplay Match Making

Destiny’s match making is unique to its own, both in the original and the sequel. There is a randomized factor that matches players to one another as they play, but because of this there is not “off-line” options. Constant internet connection is required to partake in Destiny and this can be frustrating to some players, but it allows for multiplayer action and that is what this thrives on- the community effect. In a community though there is always competition, and with Destiny 2 it stems from a few different areas.

In terms of relevance, players are upset because under leveled friends cannot play with advanced characters and this has become a reoccurring issue. With the release of Destiny 2’s new expansion, the gameplay is going to altercate this. All players will be bumped to starting at 750 power, putting the fields about even. Though this does not change the goal to achieving 950 power, for the quality-of-life benefits.

With the Shadowkeep release though, players will be able to exceed even that benchmark with certain activities allowing power levels to rise above 950. This is going to require dedication though, and for most casual players it is out of reach, though the 950 cap in power is reasonable to the majority.

Destiny 2 Gameplay now offers Cross Save

Destiny 2 will be entering a new phase as of this October (2019). With the new cross save feature hitting the servers, there will be a change in player count along with player-game support. This improvement is going to help draw the attention of many players who are currently drifting due to PC games such as Fortnite. The cross save feature will allow players to access their characters from numerous devices.

As with the improvements coming in October, a new era is in motion. Steam will be the hosting grounds on PC for Destiny 2, and this is grabbing attention. With Steam though, Destiny 2 is being renamed “Destiny: New Light” and that needs to be noted. The potential confusion is there.

Bungie is on its own now with out Activision

With the ups and downs as Bungie has left Activision, Destiny 2 has persevered; and succeeded. This October is some of the highlights to the progress thus far, and it has not even begun yet. I am excited to see how the game play changes even more so with the new expansion looming around the corner. The current comparison on the original Destiny against Destiny 2 is a great insight as to what standards to hold for improvements.

Destiny 2 gameplay is an ever-evolving experience with more than enough supporters to help trigger so. That is probably the best thing about Destiny, as it feels to fit the player each of their own. The layout, mapping, characters, activities, and so on are all consistently fluid, but the freedom that Destiny gameplay gives to the player as they choose their own course of action and tactics is what brings it to life, truly.