Destiny 2 Flashpoint Complete: Weapons, Quests, and Bounties–Oh My!

Published: January 20, 2020

Destiny 2 Flashpoint Complete: Weapons, Quests, and Bounties–Oh My!

Are you one of the over one million daily Destiny 2 players?

Do you want to know how to find the hottest loot? Then you need to start completing Flashpoints. These events change week to week and offer Powerful Gear.

Once you get to Light and Power level 260, Powerful Gear offers a reliable way to level up. If you’re new to Destiny 2, you might not know what Flashpoint is.

Destiny 2 Flashpoint only unlocks after you’ve completed the campaign mission Fury. After this, you’ll be prompted to complete a quest for Cayde-6. Complete it, and you’ll unlock flashpoints.

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Until then, get ready to learn more about Destiny 2 flashpoint rotation, getting the best loot, and seeing all this game has to offer!

Unlocking Flashpoints

There are two different methods to unlock Flashpoints.

The first is to complete Fury, then complete a few Patrol quests for Cayde.

The second option is to complete the game. However, if you do this, you’ll have less fun with your high-level loot. We recommend unlocking Destiny 2’s Flashpoint system as soon as possible.

Viewing Flashpoints

To view current Flashpoints, you need to take a look at your Milestones tab.

From there, you can view current Flashpoints.

Completing Flashpoints

Once you unlock a Destiny 2 Flashpoint, completing it is relatively easy.

All you need to do is complete a handful of public tasks in a certain area.

As you complete the tasks, your progress bar will increase. Once it’s complete, you’ll unlock Powerful Gear.

Destiny 2 Flashpoint Farming Guide

Filling your progress bar on the Flashpoints is way quicker with a fireteam than if you solo the events.

However, there are a couple of crafty farming strategies that you can do to complete a Flashpoint even more quickly.

One such strategy is to complete the public event, then re-instance in the area where the public event is taking place. If you can find a group tackling the event, join them and hammer it out again.

You can keep doing this, rapidly racking up progress on the Flashpoints.

Depending on the location of the Flashpoint, certain events will offer better progress than others.

If you’re on Mercury, for example, Lost Sector will give you 10 percent progress for just 3-4 minutes of your time. If you want something different, then you could complete the Heroic Mission in 15 minutes. Do this twice, and you’ll have 100 percent progress on the Flashpoint.

Do your research and find out which quests will let you complete a Flashpoint in the least amount of time.

Where to Find the Best Weapons and Gear

Completing Flashpoint Milestones gets you a Luminous Planetary Engram.

These can be decrypted into exceptionally powerful gear, for very little effort on your part. Let’s take a look at some of the best weapons you can get from these.

What the Engrams contain varies from planet to planet. However, because they are Powerful Gear, they are guaranteed to be better than your current items.

Flashpoint Mercury Rewards

The possible rewards from Mercury include:

  1. An armor piece from the Kairos Function Armor Sets
  2. A weapon exclusive to the Curse of Osiris
  3. 500 Glimmer

Flashpoint Io Rewards

Completing the Flashpoint Io milestone will get you:

  1. An armor piece from the Gensym Knight sets
  2. A weapon awarded by Io Engrams
  3. 500 Glimmer

Flashpoint Nessus Rewards

If you complete the Flashpoint Nessus milestone, you’ll get:

  1. An armor piece from the Exodus Down sets
  2. A weapon rewarded from the Nessus Engrams
  3. 500 Glimmer

Flashpoint EDZ Rewards

The Flashpoint EDZ milestone can net you:

  1. An armor piece from the Wildwood sets
  2. A weapon normally awarded by EDZ Engrams
  3. 500 Glimmer

While this list isn’t exhaustive, you are guaranteed to get Powerful Gear for completing Flashpoints.

Journey from world to world and see what rewards you can get on different planets!

Destiny 2 Flashpoint Rotation Schedule

Do you need one piece of crucial gear? Are you wondering when you’ll next be heading back to EDZ?

At the time of publishing, Week 3 has just started and we’re on Tangled Shore.

The order does not change, so if you want to make a note of it, it is:

  • EDZ
  • Nessus
  • Tangled Shore
  • Io
  • Mercury
  • Titan
  • Mars

If you find it helpful, you could consider making a mnemonic out of this order.

For example, one commenter on Reddit came up with: Every Night The Iguana Must Take Medicine.

Destiny 2 and Flashpoint Notes

Now that we’ve covered the basics, we’ll take a look at some common questions and misinformation about Destiny 2.

Killing Unique Enemies Doesn’t Grant Progress

From time to time, unique enemies can appear in Flashpoints.

Killing these enemy lieutenants can be fun and rewarding, but it won’t affect your progress at all. Think of them as optional.

Is Destiny 2 Still Active?

Despite being a relatively old game now, Destiny 2 is still very active.

If you’ve not yet played it, we highly recommend buying the base game and trying it out. Over 1 million people can’t be wrong!

Test Out the Weapons

When you get a new weapon, try it out.

Even if it’s not the sort that you’re used to, if it’s Powerful Gear, you may find a new favorite.

Have Fun

If you’re grinding away at a Flashpoint and not having a great deal of fun, take a break!

Destiny 2 should be a fun experience, and if you’re not enjoying it, you should do something else!

How We Can Help You

Grinding out a Destiny 2 Flashpoint can take time and effort.

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