Destiny 2 Brings Back Dead Character

Published: December 1, 2018

Destiny 2’s The Forsaken is what The Taken King was to the first Destiny. Both games had an incredibly tumultuous launch, but both expansions seemed to do a complete 180 for the franchise in terms of player enjoyment. With all of the leaks recently about Destiny 3 and what’s next for the current title, the latest move pulled by Bungie seems to confirm many of those stating that the franchise is about to get a lot darker.

For those that have played the latest expansion, the entire premise of Forsaken revolves around avenging Cayde-6’s untimely death, a death dealt by Prince Uldren Sov. Players find out that Sov is also a victim of manipulation – the entire expansion essentially is one giant grey area.

In the expansion’s endgame area the Dreaming City (which is the Awoken homeworld), the inhabitants are trapped within a three-week timeloop. In order to get this cutscene, you’re going to have to have completed Petra’s weekly bounty for the Blind Well in Queen Mara Sov’s court, Uldren’s sister. The thing is, with this week – Mara is missing. Head to the hologram in the Ascendant Realm to trigger the below scene.

This week’s cutscene shows off a huge twist, one that is a complete game changer. Cayde’s killer Uldren Sove has been resurrected. But it’s not just Sov pulling a Lazareth that is big news, it’s that he’s revived by a Ghost. The best part? The Ghost’s name is Pulled Pork. The implications of that means that the man that caused so much strife is now a Guardian, just like us.

The clip shows Sov’s resurrection and Sov’s lack of memory, very similar to the first Destiny with the player’s Ghost happening upon them. This sets up the perfect narrative for how both Zavala and Ikora will react to the newest Guardian member in light of Cayde-6’s murder.

This plot coincides with a previous leak that shows off a much darker Destiny game, as well as plans for a third installment. According to various reports, Destiny 3 is already in development, which would make the current DLC a huge starter for the bigger story ahead.

It’s interesting to see how much Destiny 2 has evolved. The team over at Bungie faced a lot of backlash over the lack of end-game content and what some perceived as deceptive practices concerning the in-game purchases. With each expansion and extensive update, the team slowly but surely delivered the game that many were hoping for, with Forsaken finally bringing back that excited fire to the community.