Destiny 2 Boosting Services

Published: November 23, 2019Destiny 2 Boosting Services

What is Destiny 2 Boosting Service?

Destiny 2 boosting is a service, where a Destiny 2 expert or professional player helps other player to achieve a desired goals in game or activity. Some items in the game of Destiny 2 can be hard to achieve or players don’t have the team or time to complete it. Players in Destiny that need a little help will hire the help of a expert or professional to complete an activities in Destiny 2 other wise know as Destiny 2 Boosting Service.

Destiny 2 Boosting Services

Destiny 2 Boosting Services offered by Destiny Carries LFG are number 1 for providing some of the best and most reliable boosting services in the realm of Destiny 2. You can get challenges, weapon quests, bounties, and even Triumph Seals all taken care of through our boosting services. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by the options, take a look at the synopsis of what we offer and go from there.

Destiny 2 Boosting Services for Triumph Seals

Destiny Carries LFG are currently offering boosting services for Triumph Seals, helping Guardians everywhere gain the elite status they are aiming for. One of the more common Triumph Seals is the Enlightened One. This comes with a long list of required tasks to obtain, though.

With our boosting services, you can select and choose the ones you feel you need the most help with, leaving the rest to you complete. This lets players customize their orders to their actual needs, meaning you’re not paying for anything that is already accomplished or that you consider do-able yourself.

The Harbinger Triumph Seal is another popular seal for the Shadowkeep Season of the Undying. This Triumph Seal has quite a few expectations but holds just as high of a status. The focus point for these accomplishments’ rests in the nightmare settings. If the Nightmare Hunts are a bit too spooky for your taste or prove to be a bit of a challenge to your Guardian, then let us work through it for you.

Destiny Carries LFG offers Destiny 2 Boosting Service for the Reckoner Seal for those wanting to show off your Gambit skills.

It can be expected more Destiny 2 Seals will be offered in the future events, though, so stay in tune with the updates offered through our boosting services. The Season of Dawn is right around the corner, and there will be a lot of potential with upcoming activities.

There are Power level standards for the seals, so before jumping into the action, make sure your character is where it needs to be in terms of leveling. A lot of the expectations are power level of 960 or more, but there are a few that can be accomplished beforehand with only 900 Power level.

Pit of Heresy Boosting Service

Destiny carry services are second to none. The Pit of Heresy is a dungeon activity in the Shadowkeep expansion. It can be a bit daunting to some of the best players. With all the expectations from this expansion, it is only fair to select a few to take it easy on.

This dungeon activity requires you to be at Power Level 940, which is reasonable as you will need the elite leveling to make it past the powerful bosses that are scattered throughout this challenge.

The Pit of full of perplexing puzzles as well, which can be luring to some players who appreciate the fun of them, but honestly, this is an activity to leave to the professionals.

Put your time and effort into the gaming experience that matters the most to you. Let these expectations be upheld by the experts, as they can turn out to be more tedious than anything. DCLFG can boost your character with a flawless Pit of Heresy too.

Vex Offensive

Destiny 2 Boosting for the Vex Offensive

Destiny 2 Boosting Services for the Vex Offensive is one of the most talked-about and challenging activities in the Shadowkeep release. This six-person match-making activity is centered around eliminating the Vex who are purging in through the Black Garden.

The goal is to prevent their invasion of the Moon while working through the channels of challenges that are a part of this offensive activity.

There are five major parts to this challenge, each selective in our boosting services. If you are seeking to have the offensive taken care of by our professionals, go through the selection of options, and see which of the five are most critical for your progress. There may be one or two that you have already completed or feel confident will better your tactical skills for the future, so be selective.


Checkpoint Completions

The Insurrection Prime checkpoint is one of the more chosen completions that we receive here at Destiny Carries LFG. It is pretty straight forward for this expansion and only requires your Power Level to be at 750+. You will also need to have access to the Scourge of the Past Raid to have this checkpoint completed.

In this challenge, you will be up against Kell’s Scourge, an Insurrection Prime- a giant mechanical suit that holds a Servitor. This is undeniably a terrifying round to work in, and most players opt-out by leaving it to the experts. If you’re trying to catch up with the Season of the Undying, as the Season of Dawn is around the corner, let us cover this challenge for you.

The raid for this checkpoint completion begins when your fireteam (or ours) exits the Botza Underground area and enters the combat arena. It is within this space that the boss of the raid, Insurrection Prime, will be present. If you are considering taking on this colossal challenge, make sure your teammates are going in with a plan. We offer assistance with strategies as well; check out our blogs for guides through these challenges.

Another popular checkpoint completion for the Shadowkeep expansion is Sanctified Mind. This is the boss for the Garden of Salvation raid, making it a critical part of the conclusion to the entirety of the season.

This raid goes back to the Black Garden- a blast from the past, I know. There are two significant bosses for this raid, the Consecrated Mind, and the Sanctified Mind. The Sanctified Mind is a Vex raid that truly tests players’ wit and endurance. Destiny Carries LFG offers a boosting service for this experience, letting you put your feet up to the task.

There a few other challenging checkpoints to get through as well, so if you are feeling worn down by the first handful of them, pass the rest onto us at Destiny Carries LFG. We are happy to take out the heavy-hitting bosses of Shadowkeep for your Guardians’ transcendence into the next stage.

Leviathans Breath one of the most popular of weapons and armors in Shadowkeep

Bounties and Challenges Boosting Services

There are countless bounty and challenge packages available through Destiny Carries LFG, so it can be hard to know which are worth investing in and which to complete on your own time. Finding the best balance in the realm of Destiny as for which challenges are going to better your actual skill level and which are great filler, is a challenge in itself!

Some of the more selected packages are Ikora’s bounties or the Lectern of Enchantments. Ikora’s also can include weapon workings, along with the option to have the weekly and/or daily challenges completed. This is favored because overtime, her demands become just that, too demanding.

The Lectern of Enchantments is a lot simpler of a selection, weekly, daily, or just the fragments. These are preferred because of their tedious nature. Most heavy-hitting players choose to skip over these challenges, leaving them to boosting services such as our own.

If you are seeking to put your time into something that is going to make you a better player, don’t skimp out on the storyline as well. Let us complete this obstacle and get your Guardian in league with the best of players.

Weapons and Armor Boosting

With the Shadowkeep expansion unleashed upon us, there is a broad range of firearms, as well. To get some of the better artillery in the game, you have to grind. This is avoidable by working with Destiny Carries LFG to complete a number of the quests, so your Guardian can suit up for the real battles.

Have us help you work for weapons such as the Xenophage Machine Gun, the Divinity, the Deathbringer Rocket Launcher, or even get a Ritual combo pack and set yourself straight for the entire season.

Raids Boosts

There are quite a few challenging raids throughout the Season of the Undying, and even more, to come as Shadowkeep unravels the rest of its storyline. Destiny Carries LFG will work hard to complete these assignments for your Guardian upon requests, making raids such as the Garden of Salvation seem like a piece of cake. We also offer Eater of Worlds raid, Year one, and Year two raid bundles to help get you through the toughest of areas in the expansion.

Nightmare Hunt

Nightmare Hunts Boosting

Destiny Carries LFG offer several options with the new Nightmare Hunts in Shadowkeep. We can work through any of the Adept, Hero, Legend, or Master objectives, all leaving your account boosted with success and elite quality gear.

The Nightmare Hunts can be a bit spooky, and sometimes tedious, so don’t hesitate to throw some of them to the experts. We will work through the selected few in no time at all, having your account loaded with rewards and ready for more action.

Destiny 2 Boosting

Destiny Carries LFG offers a large variety of boosting services, for any situation. Simple weapon recoveries to the biggest of battles with checkpoint bosses- we have you covered. Leave the harder of these challenges to the professionals.

Browse through our available options and see which best fits your account. We are here to help- even by just joining your team! Don’t pass up the chance to receive elite status in Destiny 2.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed. Reach out to our Live Chat System for question. Don’t forget about our Glory Ranking boosting service too.