How to Complete Garden of Salvation Raid and Obtain the Divinity

Published: May 14, 2020

How to Complete Garden of Salvation Raid and Obtain the Divinity

According to Raid Report, only 11% of all Destiny 2 players have ever completed a single raid. It’s time for you to join the exclusive club.

The most recent addition to the raids of Destiny 2 is Garden of Salvation, a Vex-themed raid that was included with the Shadowkeep Expansion. Raids are 6-player cooperative missions that require high skill level and communication; these activities offer rewards that can be found nowhere else in the game.

Destiny 2’s Garden of Salvation raid is quite the challenge to complete, but with this detailed guide, you’ll have a great chance to succeed and obtain the Divinity.

Read on for our guide on how to complete the Destiny 2 Garden of Salvation raid and obtain the Divinity.


The Divinity is an exotic trace rifle that can be earned by completing a quest and finishing the raid. This is quite a long quest, but it is worth it to get this extremely rare weapon that can decimate your opponents with a highly powerful laser. You can do the majority of this quest before completing the Garden of Salvation raid.

To start the Divinity Key quest, you need to make your way to the Lunar Battlegrounds while in patrol on the Moon. In order to reach the Battlegrounds, you must go through the Alter of Sorrow and then go across a bridge opposite the Scarlet Keep entrance. Once there, you must make your way through a cavern that is hidden off to the left side and fight off three waves of Vex enemies and a boss which will drop an exotic that allows you to begin the quest.

The first step of the Divinity quest is to analyze Vex cores. In order to do this, you need to go to Nessus and explore three Lost Sectors. The cores are all hidden within the Lost Sectors of The Orrery, Ancient’s Haunt, and The Conflux.

Once you analyze all three cores, you will get the Decryption Quest step, which is a fairly easy step. All you need to do in order to complete this step is to eliminate Vex enemies on the Moon and pick up the repair items that you need. You can do this by returning to the Vex portal in the Lunar Battlegrounds where you began this quest and farming the enemies that spawn from the portal.

After this, you need 30 phantasm fragments in order to build the Empowered Decryption Core. These fragments can be obtained by defeating Nightmare enemies. You can find these enemies in various places, like Nightmare Hunts and certain Lost Sectors, but the best spot to farm them is the Alter of Sorrow on the Moon.

Once you have built the Empowered Decryption Core, all of your next steps will be within the Garden of Salvation raid, so it’s time to gather your fireteam and get ready to kill some Vex.

Garden of Salvation Raid Guide

The Garden of Salvation is the highest tier raid that we have seen in Destiny 2 so far: it is recommended that you have a Power Level of at least 940 before attempting this raid. The Garden of Salvation raid can be separated into two major sections: The Consecrated Mind and The Sanctified Mind. We will be going over these in the order that you need to complete them.

Consecrated Mind Encounters

The first part of the Consecrated Mind involves splitting up into teams of three in order to open the path to the rest of the raid. One team will go forward down the hall and use tethers to open up the pathway, while the other team collects the Voltaic Overflows dropped by the Mind itself; these teams will then need to switch roles in order to open the next path. The final part of this encounter involves a mad dash through several cyclops while picking up 4 more Voltaic Overflows.

An important thing to remember while doing this section of the Garden of Salvation raid is that Voltaic Overflows have a cool-down timer. If you pick up another Overflow before this time expires, you will be killed instantly. This still counts as picking the Overflow up, so you may need to use this as a last-ditch effort in order to complete this section.

The next part of the Consecrated Mind involves fighting against enlightened enemies: these enemies have white shields that can only be taken down while you have the enlightened buff applied to you. To get this buff, you must tether yourself to a Vex sacrifice pole (you need the help of a friend to do this).

After you are tethered, you must prevent Vex from reaching that pole. You will need to call out to some of your roaming squad-mates to have them help you reapply the buff.

While this encounter is happening, Vex Angelic will spawn throughout the map. For the normal version of this raid, only one will spawn in each part of the diamond; in the prestige version, there will be three. Once these Angelic are defeated, you get a rest period, as the final encounter for this Boss is next.

For the final encounter of the first half of the Garden of Salvation raid, you will once again need to split into two. One of the teams will follow the mind as it roams around the map, while the other needs to play a quick round of Gambit.

The team on the mind will need to follow it around the map until it gets to a position when it exposes itself. The Mind will show several red dots that can be damaged; however, only a select few will actually make the mind move. One person who is enlightened can see which set of eyes can be damaged and needs to call these to their teammates.

The team playing gambit will need to defeat Minotaurs, who will then drop motes that are just like the gambit game mode. Players need to pick up these motes and bank them in the corresponding bank. Once this team banks 30 motes, the Concentrated Mind will make its way towards the bank, allowing you to damage the first boss of the Garden of Salvation raid.

Once the Consecrated Mind is open to damage, you can attack by hitting all the small red eyes on its body. Once all the small eyes are taken out, the Consecrated Mind will reveal its large, main center eye. Dish out as much DPS as you can in this phase and keep the pressure on the mind as it moves back to the center of the diamond.

Repeat these steps additional times depending on how much damage you dish out and you will have completed the first part of the Garden of Salvation raid.

Garden of Salvation Raid Guide: Final Boss

While the Sanctified mind has significantly fewer steps than the Consecrated Mind, this boss is no slouch and can be a really tough nut to crack. This raid will test your skill in all of the previously mentioned mechanics, as well as your ability to communicate well with your team. If you follow these steps though, you should have no problem taking down the final boss of the Garden of Salvation raid.

As has been the theme for the Garden of Salvation raid, you will once again need to split your fireteam up into two 3-person teams: a left team and a right team. You should separate teams into the roles as runners or anchors. Runners will be the ones to go through the portals and collect motes, while anchors will stay behind to clear out additional enemies and pull the runners back when it is time.

To put it simply, there are two weak points on the Sanctified Mind, one on his leg and one on his shoulder. Damaging these weak points will cause a portal to open: when this happens, the runners from one team should run inside. The leg opens the left portal and the shoulder opens the right portal.

Once the runners call to be pulled back, you need to damage the same weak point as the side they went through the portal on.

The runners’ job is to enter the portal and play another round of mini-gambit. The goal of the runners is to collect 15 motes between the two of them from enemies in the portal. Once these motes are collected, the runners need to call for them to be pulled back in the main area and bank the motes in order for their teammates to begin damaging enlighten-shielded enemies.

The anchors’ job is to keep adds away from the mote banks in order to prevent Vex sacrifices; too many sacrifices and the squad will all be killed. One of the main jobs of the anchors is to eliminate the Vex Cyclops that appear each time a portal is entered and exited. It is crucial to do this quickly, as these enemies can instantly kill any player in your squad with their projectiles.

Finally, the anchors are responsible for damaging the correct weak point of the Sanctified Mind in order to bring their runners back.

These are the main elements that need to be accomplished in order to complete this fight in the Garden of Salvation raid. Once enough motes are banked, the boss will expose the weak point on its chest and your fireteam can damage it. It is important to have a high DPS as possible for this phase, as the boss will only give you three opportunities to damage him throughout the fight.

Follow these steps and you should be able to take down the boss and reap the glorious rewards that await you for completing this immense challenge.

Garden of Salvation Raid Guide: Completing Divinity’s Quest

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about the exotic from this raid. In order to complete the quest and receive the weapon, you need to complete 7 hidden puzzles found within the Garden of Salvation. These puzzles are not too complicated but often involve you working with your teammates to complete them.

Is Completing the Raid Worth the Grind?

The rewards for completing the Garden of Salvation raid and obtaining the Divinity are well worth the time and energy that you put into it. However, if you aren’t able to make the time commitment to complete these high-tier events, Destiny Carries LFG has solutions for you. Check out our services today to make the grind fit your lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Raids Difficult?

In short, yes; but Destiny 2 raid challenges aren’t too bad once you get to understand them. Raids have high-level enemies that require high power levels to complete, but the most difficult aspect to them are their mechanics. Each raid has different puzzle mechanics that have to be solved in order to progress, which is often the most difficult part of any raid.

Do Raids Require a Full Team?

Raids like the Garden of Salvation raid do not require a full team; however, it is highly recommended that a full team is used. Raids are extremely difficult even with a full team and near impossible without one. If you are usually a solo player, there are many services that allow you to complete raids with ease or link up with other Guardians.

What Power Level Do I Need To Be?

The power level that it is recommended to be should be listed when launching any raid. However, it is best to have the highest light level possible as it will make your time in the raid a little bit easier.

What Rewards Do Raids Give?

Each raid gives out exclusive rewards based on the theme of that raid. These rewards can include anything from emblems, armor, weapons, and exotics. These rewards are the main incentive to complete raids as they can be obtained nowhere else in the game.

What Are The Best Strategies For Completing Raids?

Each raid, including the Garden of Salvation raid, requires different techniques and strategies in order for them to be completed. However, the most important aspect of any raid is communication with your teammates. This will ensure that you will be able to solve any puzzle and take on any challenge that confronts you.