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Releases on the Rise

There is so much new to be in on with Destiny 2. Between the Shadowkeep expansion, the Season of the Undying, and the New Light release; there’s almost unlimited new content to be discussed and worked through, which brings me to this nifty board.

Here you can scroll through articles explicitly written for Guardians who are preparing for Shadowkeep/New Light/Season 3. Each of these big releases, remember that this is Bungies’ first big move on their own. Everyone is holding themselves to higher than before standards as they are hoping to build a more extensive fan base- primarily through the free online gameplay New Light.

If you are seeking guidance in the game, maybe you want to be ahead of the game. When it comes to these new releases, stay updated on postings to our Shadowkeep Destiny 2 blog. Here you will find all related content on the Destiny 2 Shadowkeep.


Here you can find all the information you might need on the current status of Shadowkeep and its release, along with the content it contains. The perfect spot to start searching for direction in weapon farming for October 1st and beyond. If you are curious about armor stats and perks, new artifacts, the different mappings, character changes, and so on; you’re in the right place!

With Shadowkeep there are many alterations made in the gameplay compared to that of Forsaken (or any other). To be ready and stay steady footed as it unfolds, reading from a hub source of information on what’s taking place could do a dedicated player some good.

There is a lot of reporting of collected data from the producers at Bungie themselves. They are leaving it up to us to stay in the loop and pass it onto you Guardians. Empowering the Guardian will give you the upper hand. As Shadowkeep approaches and swarms the systems of players everywhere, your hands tied with the diving in of a sort. That is why having a singular source for this type of information -and even in an organized format- is so beneficial with such strategic gameplay.

Shadowkeep is releasing several weapons with new stats and buffs. These are probably the most critical pieces of content change to prepare for in the latest release. Check out the articles specifically on weapons if that is what you are working on at the moment or need to get to try to maximize your gameplay. There are also timeline-based articles to help guide you through the releases as they come. It is vital because a few different quests aren’t available right away, but you could be preparing for them as preparation is critical in Destiny 2.

The Armor 2.0 update in Shadowkeep is a big deal for Guardians and Bungie directly as it’s their chance to show off creativity. Characterization is a massive part of this upgrade, coming from the battle suits, and then all the minor armor pieces loaded with perks (and potentially personal mods). Take advantage of the content in this blog. Find out what armor suit you are going to strive for first, along with maybe some pieces you want to gather right off the bat to start your ascension to the Moon.

New Light

New Light is the free-to-play version of Destiny 2 that will be available online coming October of 2019 along-side the new expansion Shadowkeep. It will feature content from both Destiny 1 and 2. Familiar places like the Moon, Dreaming City, and Tangled Shore are all included in the maps. The game even begins where the first Destiny took place the Cosmodrome. Players have a sense of unity in the storyline, which is what Bungie is trying to create now that they are in total control of the franchise.

You may be wondering why to pay for Destiny 2 expansions when New Light is free for players. It is a fair question. Luckily, they do have answers! We are here to help decipher those concerns and discuss the pros and cons of all the changes in Destiny’s franchise.

This new option of Destiny is worth looking into and exploring the intent behind it. With the strikes, crucibles, and gambits all being free to New Light, it’s hard to make a decision what way you want to play Destiny. Numerous articles include information on these factors to help ease the conflict. To read more about New Light and its features, weapon cross overs, and general gameplay, stay updated on the Shadowkeep blog.

Season of the Undying

Shadowkeep and the Season of Undying Destiny 2, and for that being the case, it sure seems to pack a punch. This season priced differently. Bungie is working towards creating a more flexible payment scheme. The annual buy-ins will be altering into a seasonal sort of pass. There is a lot of information in our blogs; what content is changing, how the pricing is to change, along with the expectation of reveals in the gameplay as it unravels for Guardians everywhere.

Keep yourself in the loop about Shadowkeep and the Season of the Undying and New Light by watching for new articles released to the public. Destiny Carriers and LFG genuinely want you to know what is happening in the world of Destiny 2. A reliable place to start the communitive relation as it pertains to all the most recent situations and statuses.

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