Season 7 Pinnacle Weapons in De...

New Season Season of Opulance Pinnacle Weapons. Revoker Sniper Rifle for Crucible, Wendigo GL3 Grenade Launcher for Vanguard, and Hush Bow for Gambit.

Guide to Getting Gambit Prime...

Bungie has also inserted a way to farm for specific, “god rolled” versions of the weapons by completing specific tasks in Gambit Prime, which is something players may not know.

The Reckoning Guide

The Reckoning Guide will help you complete the different Tiers. You will need some powerful gear and weapons to beat Tiers one and Two in The Reckoning.

Gambit Prime Destiny 2

It’s a one round go all out shootout. The goal is the same. Be the first to kill the Primeval but this time there is huge emphasis on teamwork