Bungie Takes the Meta with Shadowkeep Release

Published: September 16, 2019Bungie Takes the Meta with Shadowkeep Release

What to Expect: Shadowkeep Weapons, Armor 2.0, and Everything in Between.

 A lot is going on in the world of Bungie as they tackle the final hurdles ahead with Shadowkeep on the countdown to release. Producers are overwhelmed with excitement to see the reactions from players after intaking their new content firsthand come October 1st and the weeks to follow. In the ViDoc there’s nothing but encouragement and anticipation from the team at headquarters over what Shadowkeep has to offer. 

I can’t help but wonder how much still is to be discovered, not yet discussed come the first as there is so much available to preview just right now. Either way though, it’s releasing from the backbone of it all, so it’s something to hold onto in the meantime. My thought is that to analyze what we have thus far into the descension of this expansion due date its safest to start by dishing out the so far talked about Exotic weapons and armor pieces. We’ll also go over the buff changes and nerf adds to weapon classes, what sort of perks are receiving updates and the general idea behind the direction of the directors.

Suit up! Exotic Armor Leaks

There are only a few leaks so far for the new armor included in Shadowkeep’s armor update titled Shadowkeep Armor 2.0. It can be expected in these next few weeks to see a new item or two for this section, as players have been ranting online asking for more. What we have so far is basic in terms of style, though paired with enticing perks. The actual suits are what makes this new Armor 2.0 worthwhile so far.

Stormdancers Brace

This is a Warlock Classed chest piece. Its paired with the perk Ascending Amplitude. With this, the attack Stormtrance increases its damage dealt as enemies are defeated by it. With 750 defense, this new Exotic is worth grabbing.

Phoenix Cradle

This leg piece gives the perks of the Beacons of Empowerment. With the Beacons, a Sun Warrior lasts twice as long. It doesn’t end there though; any allies who happen to pass through a Sunspot are allotted Sun Warrior as well. This piece max’s at the defense of 750 as is the Shadowkeep trend.

Armor Sets and their Inspiration

Since the PAX release, the Destiny fanbase has been trying to understand the armor leaks. Thank goodness Bungie heard the commotion and decided to let us just look at what’s coming in October. Six new armor sets are coming in Shadowkeep, and I’ll try my best to brief you on them.


This was one of the first sets that were seen during the beginning promotions of the expansion. It appears to be moon themed, with a hunch that Eris Morn helped craft it. It could just be a nifty world drop, who knows. There are three forms to this armor collection, and all are a bit eerie, though I sort of like this haunted feel. If you are looking to blend in with the backdrop of the new action on the moon, this is what to sport.

Garden of Salvation

The released PAX set is indeed the raid set- now known to be named by the Garden of Salvation. A controversial set because of its origin, I still like it. It is a remake of the Curse of Osiris Eververse armor. I am not surprised though, as Bungie is working hard on bringing back community favorites to revamp them on their terms, even to say “look guys we heard you the first time and want to give you what you deserve. Sorry, it’s a bit overdue”. That’s how I am trying to take anyways, as in favor of their strategy behind it all.

The downfall to this is that for this being a raid suit, it is lower in standards compared to the rest. This is disappointing because there were higher expectations for this suit specifically, being the reworked component of this section in content. We can’t make any harsh judgments until the suit is truly tested in gameplay, so I guess we’ll see.

Phenotype Plasticity

I chose this suit next because it sort of puts the raid battle armor to shame, and maybe I am a bit sour about the Garden of Salvations outcome. For every class previewed this armor is satisfactory, in both appearances and on the field. This will probably end up a fan favorite for most Shadowkeep players, and that is what it’s here for, as gamer motivation. I wonder if we’ll see this suit with the New Light gameplay?

The suit will be in the “premium” tier of the battle pass, requiring to be unlocked before utilized. The assumption from most speculators is that it will be found at higher ranks, but can be worked for in the Premium track, making it not exactly “paid for armor”. It’s a case by case sort of situation. Technically this suit is classified as a Universal Ornament from the Battle Pass, but your gameplay makes the direct decision on what its origin is for each player.

Iron Will

This being from Iron Banner, it has a certain touch to it that make it unique. Almost Oriental, but still combative enough to fit the eerie theme that’s been pretty consistent. This may not be the most efficient of the bunch but is a nice addition to the selection. I would eventually work to throw it in my collection but initially, it is not a priority to my looting.

Empyrean Cartographer

This being the Eververse set for Shadowkeep, it comes to be a bit of a shocker Barely previewed until recently, this piece has some strange characteristics; the uneven Warlock rob for example. Excitingly, Eververse items are universal ornaments now, making this suit that much more worth purchasing. Hopefully, it isn’t as controversial as it appears to be.


This set is the one that will be worked for in the Vex Offensive. A gathering from the grind. With that being the case, it can be more acceptable as Plain Jane as it is. Being a potentially vanishing set as well, if it is of your taste you may want to jump on it early before seasonal changes occur. Honestly, though, it’s not anything spectacular so don’t feel left out if you miss your chance to snag a suit.


Artillery for Anyone

The weapons previewed thus far for Shadowkeep are quite interesting. There are a few repeats with some nice upgrades, but just as much there are weapons that are completely new to the hands of Guardians. The artillery in Shadowkeep is going to be fun to collect if you like rifles, as that is a lot of what to expect with this new content. Take a look at what has been talked about so far in the community.

Monte Carlo

An auto rifle that originated from Destiny 1, it’s back and with a vengeance as a hand cannon. Some players are excited to enjoy favorite’s with new Exotic twists, while others are calling it “Recycled Utilities”. There isn’t a lot on the perks except that they are to be expected as a more powerful bunch.

Sweet Business

This auto rifle has been previewed but not talked about much. From the sneak peek I found, it seems like there’s not much boasting to be done with this piece. It’s pretty simple with its perks, such as Business Time. The stats are about the same, with their capping lucky to be half-way. Not much of a comparison to other weapons such as the Monte Carlo- even with its debatable favoritism right now.

Spare Rations

This hand cannon with impeccable handling is going to be a fan favorite, I can tell just by looking at it. That’s all we can do anyways, with such few referencing’s to it beyond the screenshot. It’s notable to have quite a few perks though.

Ancient Gaspel

This hand cannon has an intense impact, just rugged handling. There is a limited discussion about the perks, but from the visuals, Bungie has released, I make the assumption of two with potential upgrades.


The Deathbringer is a Rocket Launcher that has two favorable perks. The Dark Deliverance perk fires remote controlled and detonated projectiles that release Void orbs in the directions of enemies. The second perk, Dark Descent assists with this. The further the Void orb falls, the more of a power increase is received for the attack. In the previews of this weapon, there is a Lore tab. Some players will enjoy this part of their character make up while to others it is irrelevant.

Machine Gun (NO NAME)

This release has a pending name, but we can view the stats and perks which is satisfying enough. Extremely reliable impact and range, this weapon is a little less than perfect with everything else. The magazine is small also, so defiantly needs pairing with some heavy holding artillery. One of the released perks that you can see attached to this weapon is the Pyrotoxic Rounds. This lets the weapon morph ammunition into something more powerful and even explosive.


This rifle is categorized as a Trace class. It holds almost 200 in the chamber (perfect to tag with the unnamed machine gun up there!) and can fire 1000 rounds per minute, leaving it ample enough for firefight and then some. With this though, there’s hardly any impact made on enemies, so the larger bullet count is accounted for with damage done.

No Time To Explain

This Pulse rifle hasn’t been talked about much but from the class, I can tell it’s going to be impact-focused. There hasn’t been a lot on Shadowkeep’s pulse class in general, so keep yourself updated on forums with this class if you aren’t already.

Zealtos Reward

This sits in the Fusion class of rifles with a nice little list of potential perks, but none discussed so far. From the logos though, it seems to pack a punch. It’s about average in every stat, leaving it reliable and relentless. I see it as a potential fan favorite but would need to read more for that judgment.

Weapon Perks

There are some changes to the weapon perks that are coming with this new expansion. I have gathered a nice list so you aren’t caught off guard.

These perk changes are meant to help create gameplay challenges that are new to players. It’s as if they are putting hurdles in the way of certain comfortabilities players are holding onto from the long-term gameplay. At the same time though, they pave the way for more effective yet strategic tactics in combative lights. The alterations we see in One-Two Punch, for example, are what to be on the look-out for. A powerful uprise for quite a few favorites, but in another light, just minor tweaking for most.

There won’t be the opportunity to dismantle weaponry for the sake of mod recycling anymore- heads up. The process has shifted a little to the… left? To use an already acquired mod you have two options now, according to Bungie themselves. Either to restock with a secondary mod for flexibility or to fully take apart what’s currently holding it to use it elsewhere. Your better choice is to sink into what’s being offered now and to stock up on favored mods. Let’s hope they are more readily available compared to before.

Tough Buffs

There is a lot to take in with the buffs for Shadowkeep, so I’ll do my best to make it clear and concise. The basic ones are as follows:

There is a lot of buff alteration to help equate the lack of double-precision damage for minor enemies that is to come in Shadowkeep. Right now, precision damage is determined by the weapon stats and less on the actual enemy. Some major Exotic buffs have come out too and are worth ranting about for a moment. I listed what has been discussed in the community thus far;

Realistically what designers at Bungie are trying to overall provide is a higher difficulty with minor enemy combat, while setting players up to deal more damage to major ones. While most of the current damage buffs have the intent to equate the change in minor precision damage, I do notice that some weapon types are going to receive boosts worth having compared to before when dealing major damage.

It has to be considered when looking into the effectivity of these buffs that they are all increasing slightly, and around the same rate. The scout rifle has the largest of damage buff increases but compared to other increases such as the pulse rifles, the difference is just barely. Is this slight boost to the scout rifles going to turn things around, take them out of the mud so to speak? Why weren’t the rocket launchers given any special TLC? As much as I want to believe that these changes will meet all the demands of players, I just don’t know. It’s all left to player judgment.

Fundamentals of Weapon Change

Luke Smith, Destiny 2 director, has recently announced the lack of expecting Weapons 2.0– this doesn’t mean the weapons aren’t bustling with business, just that the tag line doesn’t quite stick. The mods that are changing due to Shadowkeep are a huge part of why this is so, but that’s all technical debate. The mods in the Armor 2.0 for this upgrade are similar to the weapon mods in the aspect that they are consistent after the unlocking. So why is Weapons 2.0 so hard to run with Bungie? That is beside the point, I guess.

Reckoning Changes

There is more change coming for Destiny 2 and its outside of Shadowkeep. The Reckoning is trying to create the desire in players to come back, or better yet stick around, using quality loot as the lure. The Reckoning has been updating its rewards and reducing its difficulty already, but this reduction has not come to Bungies envisioned limited. To cross that threshold Bungie is removing negative modifiers, going forward with featured weekly singes; a daily shift from Brawler, Grenadier, and Heavyweight. Bungie is trying to react to real player responses on Reckoning modifiers; adjusting the lashings that come with them.

Where to Start?

With all this new material, you are probably wondering where to start amongst the chaos. Well, adjusting your Guardian is a great take-off point, purchasing a new, reliable, armor suit to equip with the many perked up mods that can apply. Players need to prepare for the struggle on the moon, and that means suiting up. The right defense system is going to help alleviate the new challenges to come, that have been discussed in the ViDoc by the producers and designers themselves. The enemies on the moon are resurfacing one, coming back with a vengeance.

Once your armor is in the works, the beginning of weaponry accumulation will need to take place. Creating a weapon duos that can pair successfully is key. A powerful scout maybe to try out the buff increases matched with an accurate auto rifle will set players for success in the long run. Once working full-fledged on the moon surface to take out the Nightmares, having the right gear is the essence.

Following your suit and whatever artillery you decide to stick with, achieving all the new perks is where it’s at. In Shadowkeep, the new and improved perks are a highlight, with Exotics beginning to live up to their name. I hope all this newly released content is enough to leave you wondering until the 1st, but if not stay tuned. There will be updates to come for feature shifts such as the mapping and Guardian gameplay.

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