How to get 8 Discount Boons a Day. Calus Tribute Hall Destiny 2.

How to get 8 Discount Boons a Day. Calus Tribute Hall Destiny 2.

How to get 8 Discount Boons a Day. Calus Tribute Hall Destiny 2.

How to get 8 Discount Boons a Day. Tribute Hall Destiny 2

How to get 8 Discount Boons a Day. This is yet another trick that has to do with the Tribute Hall. Before this came out you could cheese your way to 50 triumphs by doing pretty much nothing. But you had to not have even started the quest yet, so it was too late for many.

Today, we now have word on at least one way to get more than 4 bounty tribute boons a day that get you a 1% discount. The game says you’re supposed to be able to get only 4% discount a day, meaning it will take 20 full days of bounties to get to 80% off the materials costs of ~35 expensive tributes. But this method shows you how to get 8 discount Boons a day and it isn’t that much work to pull it off.

Calus Destiny 2 Bounties

There are a few versions of this trick with some modifiers, but his seems to work consistently. Since it involves daily reset, it doesn’t explain how others were able to get more than 4% on day one, as I think there are a whole host of bugs in this process yet to be found, but his method seems to work pretty well for double duty, at least.

Steps that need to be complete just before reset.

Here are the abridged steps, which require you to have two characters and the ability to play the game during reset (1 PM ET):

  • Log into Character 2 (your alt) just before reset to grab that day’s bounties.
  • Complete the bounties on Character 2, do not log out before reset happens at 1 PM ET. After reset happens, turn them in for 4 boons. You do not have to complete them before reset, you just can’t log out.
  • Switch to Character 1 (main), grab the new day’s bounties. Check to make sure they say they’ll reward you with boons. Do them, turn them in. 4 more boons.
  • Repeat daily with Character 2 grabbing bounties, carrying them through to reset, then doing new bounties on Character 1 after reset. 8 boons a day.

The difficult part of this method is not that you can’t start the quest yet like the original Juju tribute cheese, but that you have to be able to play during reset which uh, is in the middle of most people’s workday if you’re over here in North America. Since it’s the weekend now, maybe you can do this the next two days, depending on what you have going on. For me, given that video games are my job, I could do this no problem. And yet I already gave my life savings to Calus and Spider because I am impatient. I do not regret having that Juju catalyst though.

More to Tribute Hall that has yet to be discovered.

There is still more to this system that has yet to be discovered. Many players are reporting other methods that allow for more boons, even more than 8, sometimes, that don’t involve reset and again, I saw this happen on day one, so there is clearly more to this bugged system than meets the eye. But this is the one that seems to be the most consistent, which is why it’s the one I’m sharing.

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