Bleak Watcher Build – Best Warlock Build For Season of the Lost In Destiny 2

Published: December 19, 2021

Well! Did you finish your mission, and now you’re on your way back to The Dreaming City? If so, Bleak Watcher Build, The Warlock Build, is waiting for you!

Season of the Lost has great fun and exciting activities for players to engage in and keep going. The Dreaming City is where you have to use your total energy and unleash your inner gamer. This season, pretty hard, is a prelude for the upcoming expansion, The Witch Queen.
We all are waiting for The Witch Queen, but this expansion will now get launched in 2022. However, the date is not too far away, which is 22 Feb. Till then, enjoy The Dreaming City and try to free Savathun so she then can free up Osiris.

Bleak Watcher Build is an endgame build that can help freeze anything in your path in combination with your armors. If you are into heroic events or tough nightfalls, this build will be your ultimate partner. However, for PVP games, you can consider other builds.

The Attacking Plan
Bleak Watcher Stasis Aspect is the main focus of this build to dominate the battle. This turret won’t do much havoc, but its ability to take control over an area makes it unique. Although you get only a single turret at once, you can use it for resisting foes and moving forward.
There is a little difficulty in the game, and you’ll have to control several regeneration buffs (ability). Also, when you set your timing to deal with, you can refresh your turrets quickly and continuously. All this will let you finish The Dreaming City with the help of Bleak Watcher.

Mods, Weapons, And Armor
In the PVE games, you get stasis turrets and other mods, weapons, and armor options. We’ll explain each below to get the most out of Bleak Watcher build. These are the known and best options in this build you can go with.

Mods To Consider

● Elemental Armaments
You must use elemental wells most of the time to activate your spell. For this purpose, you would have to continually make them. Elemental mods are pieces that change stasis guns into well-made weapons to power up the Bleak Watcher build.

●Grenade Kickstart
Grenade Kickstart is a new mod, and you can buy it from a quest called Wayfinder’s Compass. It provides us with extra grenade energy again once after throwing a grenade.

●Elemental Charge
Like the Grenade Kickstart, Elemental Charge also plays a role in recovering grenade energy. If you use both these mods, you can get an immediate boost in energy.

Weapons For Action

Go for the following amazing slots in terms of weapons to choose from with your Bleak Watcher warlock build. So, let’s explore.

●Kinetic Slot
Vulpecula or Peacebond could be the best weapons for kinetic slots. These weapons are from class stasis and can perform in combination with Verity’s Brow during any PVE activity. If you use the Headstone perk, you can create a stasis crystal on every successful hit.
But what if one cannot use both these weapons? In such a case, Peacebond is what we most recommend. It’s because this weapon can roll with Headstone. To keep things going, all you need is to use Stasis as your primary weapon.

●Energy Slot
In the energy slot, you can take any energy weapon as per your preference. Still, if you can’t decide on it, Null Composer is what can prove to be the most effective one. If there is a need for an alternative, what we consider is Uzume RR4.

●Heavy Slot
One Thousand Voices is the perfect weapon in the heavy weapons slot. Right now, it’s the best endgame weapon to cause destruction. If you did not farm this weapon, you could go for another alternative, Reed’s Regret, a fusion rifle.

Armor For Best Results

Last but not least, armor is what can make a great difference in the performance of your Bleak Watcher build. At this point, the only armor you must have is Verity’s Brow. It will let you keep generating grenades continuously, with Stasis as the primary weapon.

Death-Throes x5 are extremely easy to acquire, even during raids against enemies who could be stronger. In Grandmaster Nightfalls, you cannot get maximum stacks. But with this weapon, you can make this happen and enjoy using the blind.