All We Know About Season 11 in Destiny 2

Published: June 1, 2020

Over 75,000 players have been playing Destiny 2 in the last 30 days alone. As the Destiny community enters the final week of Season of the Worthy, many are wondering what will come next in the world of Destiny and its characters.

If you love Destiny 2, you need to check out all we know about Season 11 in Destiny 2, with insightful FAQs you need to know now. Read on for our complete breakdown of all we know about Destiny 2 Season 11.

This article may contain spoilers for Destiny 2 Season 11.

Catching up on Destiny 2’s Story

In order to showcase all we know about what is coming in Destiny 2 Season 11, we need to take a look back at what got us to this point. One thing that we are certain of is that the threat of the darkness is larger than ever; this was first revealed to us at the end of the Shadowkeep expansion and was all but confirmed with the Season of the Worthy. One of the main activities in this most recent season was to reactivate old bunkers across the system: within these bunkers was a map of our solar system that showed pyramid ships moving closer and closer to our home of Earth.

The reason why Guardians were reactivating the Old Seraph Bunkers for Rasputin was due to one final attempt by the remaining Red Legion Cabal to destroy us, by hurling their derelict flagship The Almighty towards Earth. Many thought that it wasn’t that large of a threat, but with the weekly reset on May 26th, players noticed that the music in the Tower became much more ominous and that there was a faint outline of a ship in front of the Sun. Players eventually did realize that this ship was in fact The Almighty and it is getting closer everyday.

Destiny 2 Season 11 Speculations

At this point in time, very little has been released by Bungie on what Destiny 2 Season 11 will entail; in fact, we don’t even know its name yet. In this section, we will go over what the community is speculating about where the story and activities will head in the final season of year 3.

The Destroyed Tower

In a recent strange glitch that has been occurring for a few weeks now, some players have been loading into an instance of the Tower in which it is partially destroyed. While there is no guaranteed way to make this glitch happen, this has made many players speculate that the end of this season may not play out the way we thought. This destroyed version of the new Tower, as Destiny 1’s Tower was destroyed at the beginning of Destiny 2, may be evidence that Guardians and Rasputin may not be able to stop the Almighty from crashing into Earth in Destiny 2 Season 11.

The Darkness Will Rise

If there has been one thing proven in the last few seasons and the most recent expansion of Shadowkeep, it’s that the Darkness, the ominous looming antagonist for the entirety of Destiny, is now finally showing itself in full. With the arrival of the Pyramid ships, many in the player-base are speculating that this next season will see the Pyramid ships reaching Earth and we will finally get a better understanding of what the Darkness is before the next expansion drops.

The Fallen May Become Our Allies

One of the most obscure but interesting story lines that Bungie has been teasing for Destiny 2 Season 11 is the split between Fallen ranks. There are now three major factions of Fallen that are on the edge of a civil war: one led by Mithrax (a fallen captain that we encountered on Titan and spared), one led by Variks (a Fallen that was once in service to the awoken queen until he started the riot in the Prison of Elders that led to the death of Cayde), and one led by Eramis (a rouge Fallen leader who wants to reunite all of the Fallen under her tyrannical rule).

Many players have been speculating that this tension in the Fallen ranks will come to an explosive head in Destiny 2’s new season and that our Guardians will step in and support Mithrax. The reason why players are speculating this may happen is because Mithrax has been shown to have an uneasy alliance with Guardians in the past, and has even helped guardians fight in the Zero Hour mission. Helping Mithrax win this civil war could lead to the reunification of the Fallen, potentially making them allies with us in the coming fight against the Darkness.

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Destiny 2 Season 11: All We Know

So, while Bungie has left players mostly in the dark about what is going to be coming in Destiny 2 Season 11, there are some aspects of the season that we do know.

The Season Pass Returns

As Bungie shifted Destiny 2’s economy in order to make the base game free to play when launching Shadowkeep, one of the first things that they implemented was a season pass system. This has been a very successful route for Bungie, as it allows players to choose whether to spend more money on the game based on their playtime, and it allows Bungie to keep revenue up throughout the year.

Based on this success, it is almost certain that a new season pass will launch with another 100 levels to upgrade through and a new exotic to acquire.

Eververse Will Be Changed

The in-game cosmetic store known as the Eververse will be receiving some major changes in Destiny 2 Season 11 and beyond. In a recent This Week at Bungie post, Luke Smith outlined how these changes will unfold in the coming months.

These changes will improve the amount of dropped rewards from completing content and reduce the amount of Eververse-exclusive items. This should encourage more players to higher-level content like raids and nightfalls, which have some of the lowest player counts in Destiny 2.

The Next Expansion Will Be Announced Alongside Destiny 2 Season 11

Normally, early June is when Bungie announces the next major expansion and this time around, Bungie has stated that the next expansion will be announced alongside Destiny 2 Season 11. However, as the new season’s start date quickly approaches, there is still no word on what the next expansion is. Many people are speculating that the new season will release without any trailers and the next expansion will be announced with the launch of the next season.

Season 11 Frequently Asked Questions

Here we will go over the questions that many new and returning players have when it comes to the season pass system, particularly how it pertains to Destiny 2 Season 11.

Preparing for Destiny 2 Season 11

As the next season gets ramped up, it is a good idea to prepare your guardian for whatever comes next. Destiny 2 Season 11 will most likely offer some of the most challenging content yet seen in Destiny 2, so getting your guardian to the highest possible Light Level will be essential to complete the challenges that lie ahead.

Completing Season 10 Quests

One of the best ways to level up and prepare for the launch of Season 11 is to complete any season 10 quests that you may have leftover. The current state of the game will make completing these quests not possible once Destiny 2 Season 11 begins, so time is of the essence. Whether you have to upgrade you seraph bunkers or finally acquire the Fourth Horseman exotic shotgun, completing these activities will give you exclusive rewards and boost your level quite quickly.

Fighting Through Legendary Lost Sectors

Another great way to improve your character during the final days of Season of The Worthy is to take on the challenging Legendary Lost Sectors. These lost sectors are 1000 Light Level versions of the Lost Sectors that can be found throughout the worlds of Destiny 2, and they offer high-tier rewards. These Legendary versions force you to encounter Champion-level enemies, but you get access to Rasputin Javelins and Frames to balance the fight.

Completing High-Tier Activities

The next technique to greatly increase your Light Level is by doing high-tier activities like Grand-Master Nightfall Strikes and Raids. These activities will grant you the most efficient progress to achieving exotic engrams. While they offer the most challenging enemies to fight in the game, the rewards that you can receive are well worth the effort.

Finishing Weapon Quests

One of the most important aspects to preparing for the high-level content to come is having some of the best weapons in the game, and the most efficient way to earn many of these weapons is by completing weapon quests. Many of the best exotic and masterwork weapons in the game have quests attached to them that not only offer these great rewards, but interesting stories to tell as well. One weapon to keep in mind for this is the Felwinter’s Lie shotgun, which is only available during season 10 and can absolutely dominate in The Crucible.

Completing all Vendor Challenges

If you are teetering on the edge of gaining the last few levels of your season pass, one of the best ways to finish out your grind is by completing vendor challenges. These challenges are offered every week from different vendors in the tower and completing each vendor challenge grants massive experience point boosts towards your season pass. These challenges are not too hard to accomplish, and usually involve completing bounties for each different game mode and getting kills with certain weapon types.

What We Know About Destiny 2 Season 11

With the launch of Destiny 2 Season 11 just weeks away, excitement and anticipation are building for the next chapter in the Destiny saga. With all the potential story arcs that can unfold and the challenges that we will soon face, the most important things for our Guardians to do is to be prepared. Whether you need to finish up those last few Seraph Bunker requirements, or you want to grab a particular exotic before the next season arrives, Destiny Carries LFG has your back and will take you to the next level of your Destiny 2 experience.

For assistance on all things Destiny 2, contact us today so that your Guardian is prepared to face the powerful threat that is The Darkness.

When does Destiny 2 Season 11 Start?

The Destiny 2 new season cycle will begin on Tuesday, June 9th. The season will last approximately 90 days until the next major expansion releases sometime in the fall. When the fall expansion starts, a new annual pass will be released, allowing players to purchase all the season passes for year 4 at a discount.

What is the Difference Between a Season and a Expansion?

Seasonal content is a smaller type of content that adds new activities and some smaller story content. Expansions are major content updates that often add new, longer chapters of story content, new areas to explore, and new higher-end content such as raids, strikes, and new PvP maps. There are 4 seasons per year while there is only one major expansion per year.

Do You Need to Purchase the Season Pass in Order to Play in Destiny 2 Season 11?

You do not need to purchase the Season Pass in order to enjoy the game during the season, but it is highly recommended however. Purchasing the season pass will grant you access to more content, more rewards, and even exclusive exotics. Purchasing the season pass will also instantly give you rewards that you would otherwise have to grind for, so for the busier Guardians, it is worth the price.

How Much Does the Destiny 2 Season 11 Pass Cost?

All previous season passes have cost $10 or 1000 silver. Using this as precedent, Destiny 2 Season 11 will most likely cost the same. If you have the year three annual pass, the season 11 pass will be automatically added to your account when the season drops on June 9th.

How Does the Season Pass Work?

The season pass is a type of leveling that rewards you with exclusive items and xp boosts, as well as exotic and luminous engrams. The pass has 100 total levels to progress through. While the free version only has rewards for every few levels, the paid version offers a reward at every level. Each level requires 100,000 experience points to level up and these can be earned by completing any activity in the game, with higher-tier activities rewarding more xp.