Destiny Activities

Destiny Activities can both be easy and difficult. There is nothing wrong with needing someone to help carry you past the sticking point. You will find that there are more activities on Destiny 2 Forsaken than on the first Destiny video game. There are Destiny Activities that are roughly equivalent to the same activities in Destiny including the Daily and Weekly Heroic Vanguard missions. Also, you will find the Nightfall and don’t forget the Crucible.

Destiny Activities increased in Destiny 2 Forsaken.

With the introduction to the Black Armory Update. A new DLC introduced to Destiny 2. More Destiny Activites will unlock. The new Balck Armory Weapons and Armor will become available. These activities will help you to progress to a higher power level and better loot!

Destiny Activities

Destiny activities can offer loads of fun or they can be very frustrating without a skilled player to team up with. Tired of losing over and over again let Destiny Carries & LFG help you. Let our trusted expert players carry you to the next level. never worry about wasting your time or resources. No need to worry about entrusting your characters to our expert players. Destiny Carries LFG assures you that we will return your character to you just as it was where when we started playing on your character. We won’t alter your character by adding or removing any of their features without your permission.

Destiny 2 Luna Howl Hand Cannon

Also, we don’t just choose random players to do the job for you. That would be a risk we cannot take. We screen our expert players by testing them. Destiny Carries LFG only allows those who are tested and deemed trustworthy to represent our site and to be called and experts. We only allow the best to carry your player. Our experience will be nothing but amazing and get that loot you are looking for.

Shake off that losing streak and click on that activity that you need help with!

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