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Get the best and professional Destiny 2 boosting service for Playstation, PC, Xbox, and Stadia.

Experience Destiny 2 Boosting Like Never Before 

Obtaining Exotic Weapons and Armor In-Game

Our experts will help you get the best weapons and armor. Weapons and armor are one of the key features in any game, get reliable assistance from us.   

Completing Raids, Including the Garden of Salvation, Crown of Sorrows and Leviathan

Finding a rough time completing your favorite raids? Get expert assistance from one of our players.

Fighting Through Lairs Such as Eater of Worlds and Spire of the Starts

Get the best players who will help you fight through lairs like Eater of Worlds and Spire of the Starts.  

Completing Missions Like Strikes, Nightfalls the Ordeal, Trials of Osiris, the Nightmare Hunts

If you are finding it hard to complete your missions, we are here for you! We will help you complete your favorite missions in your favorite video game. 

Beyond Light

Destiny Carries LFG Lets You Enjoy

Super Easy to Use

Our site is very easy to use and our clients will seamlessly search for players that will accomplish any of their in-game needs.

Safe to Use

We have put safety measures in place that ensure your safety while using our site.  We use the latest in TLS and SSL encryption on our site. Other measures include our site protection by  DDoS, Firewall, bot management systems, and rate-limiting. Destiny Carries LFG site is severally scanned by Sucuri the best in cybersecurity and site protection. We assure you that your credit card info will not be stored on our site but it will be managed by Stripe, Authorise.net, and Amazon Pay.

Fast Results

Most of your orders will be completed in 24 hours, we always work to ensure we give results as fast as possible. It might take longer than 24 hours for some of the orders like Triumph of Seals, Trials of Osiris, and Ritual Weapons due to the complexity of their quest.

Professional Assistance

We have experts who are experienced in Destiny 2 and the world of video gaming. Get reliable assistance and enjoy Destiny 2.

24/7 Assistance

We are here for you 24/7 to assist you and answer any questions that you may have.

Destiny 2 Season

Get the best destiny boosting services for Destiny 2. You will get assistance for Destiny 2 season that includes, Warmwind, Curse of Osiris, Forsaken Shadowkeep, Season of Opulence, Season or Worthy, Season of Undying, Season of Dawn, Season of the Forge, Season of Arrivals, Season of the Drifter and you will also get the best for Destiny 2: Beyond the light, that is coming soon. Prophecy Dungeon Guide-2

What Makes Destiny Carries LFG So Different?

Destiny Carries LFG has been around for several years and we care about you. We are a five star rated site that has experts who are the top tournament players in the world of Destiny. We are reliable and we’ll see you breeze through the game and level up quickly.   

Commitment to Safety

We have measures in place that ensure safety while you use our site. We have such measures as SSL and TLS encryption on our site. We also have Firewall, rate limiting, and bot management systems protecting our site. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We assure you our services will give you the results you deserve. Get in touch and purchase a service with Destiny Carries LFG today. Guaranteed! 


It is great to find a site that you can trust. We do not cut corners and we assure you of excellent results for your Destiny 2 experience.   

How our site works?

What Our Customer Say

‘Done quick and efficiently. Awesome work!’ – rinzler00

Ready To Experience Destiny 2 differently?

We’re your go-to site for destiny carries and boosting services. Get the best gear and weapons that you deserve. Get in touch and enjoy Destiny 2 like never before. 

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Destiny Carries LFG Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Our site has been around for some years. We do not give false promises, unlike other booster service sites. Our contacts are readily available and you are welcome to check out our reviews and our professional work. 

Destiny Carries LFG has the top five percent of Destiny 2 players. We understand how important the game is and the hard work you put in place hence we only use the best players in the game. Our tournament and professional players will complete your order quickly and deliver. Guaranteed! 

With the reintroduction of Trials of Osiris in Destiny 2 Destiny Carries LFG has the top 1 Percent of PVP Experts.

Our Experts will complete your order fast and with no cheating. We would never put your account in danger of being ban. Our experts (boosters) do not need to cheat they are simply just that good. Guaranteed!

We have the top five PVE raid teams in Destiny 2. We have handled hundreds of raids and we guarantee to complete your orders fast. We can do raids such as Leviathan Raid, Spire of Starts, Eater of the Worlds, and many more. We are here to help you get the gear that you deserve.

Our site is extremely safe. We always ensure we use the latest in TLS and SSL encryption on our site. We have our site protected by Firewall, rate limiting, DDoS, and bot management systems. Our site is scanned several times a day by Sucuri, the best in cybersecurity and protecting sites. Your personal information is always safe with us and we do not sell it. Your credit card data is safe and we do not store it on our website, it is usually managed by Stripe, Authorise.net, and Amazon pay.

Destiny Carries LFG will complete your order in most cases within 24 hours. Our goal is to always complete your orders within 24 hours but it might take a bit longer if we are busy. There are orders like Triumph Seals, God Roll Weapons, Pinnacle weapons, Trial of Osiris, and Ritual Weapons,  which may take longer than 24 hours.  

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