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We take your account’s security very seriously. Our expert consist of trusted players that work exclusively for Destiny Carries LFg. Our reputation means everything to us and we have safely conducted thousands of account recoveries for our customers.

We completely understand that there is an amount of trust that needs to be given to let a stranger on your account. If you are concerned, we highly suggest taking a look at our feedback! We would also recommend changing your password to something temporary, and then changing it again when we complete your service.

Our team has a strict policy to not tamper with any of your Account/Gamertags general settings. Your weapons and armor will not be infused into other gear. We may use an Item Manager (such as DIM or Ishtar Commander) to move items around or put things in the vault to make space. Also, we may change controller settings.

We try our best to complete all orders within 24hrs of payment. Some services may require longer to get to such as pinnacle weapons or other less popular services. Also, we occasionally get a high volume of orders for newer services which may slow our completion times.

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New LFG Site

Destiny Carries LFG is here to boost you. Are you looking for other players or groups to complete Shadowkeep Season of Dawn,  Season of Undying Expansion pick up exotic weapons and armor, Raids Like the Garden of Sorrow, Last Wish, Lairs like Eater of Worlds, Spire of the Starts, Forsaken Raids, Missions, Trials of the Nine, Strikes, Ordeal Nightfalls, Nightfalls: The Nightmare Hunts, and the crucible? 

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place! We know how challenging this game can be and that’s why we’re here to help you out. 

Look for groups or other players here at our LFG LFM site and get started on those missions together. Our LFG site is unique and easy to use here you can find people. Looking for an awesome LFG Raid site we have that too.

With the multiplayer platform, there’s no telling what can happen next. If you want to guarantee your success in this game’s multiplayer platform join us here at Destiny Carries & LFG!

New To Destiny?

Don’t worry! Even if you’re a first-time raider, you can still find seasoned players here and ask them for assistance. Feel free to join our forums and ask questions about particularly challenging quests and adventures. For more detailed instructions, you can check out some walkthroughs on our Stream page.


Destiny Carries LFG Experts. You can also choose to have us carry you to the next part of the game!

Our Experts are professional, trustworthy, and we do what we set out to do without making any unnecessary changes to your characters.

Destiny Carries & LFG System

Check out all of the events we have to offer you to improve your ranking and level in this multiplayer game called Destiny.

Once you sign up on our site, we transfer player statistics from any Destiny Platform including PlayStation (PSN), Xbox, and even PC our site. 

The stats are updated every 3 minutes making sure it is up to date and current. Once logged into the site profile players have a convenient location to view their k/d ratio, gear, and power levels. These Statistics are integrated into the player’s site’s profile.

If you are looking for the Best Destiny LFG Site you have found it. Using our Destiny LFG Site, a player’s statistics cannot be faked. Players looking for a group or more players to join them in complete activities have a sure way to find them. 

Player stats are easy viewed by clicking on the player’s profile. Also, players can view the stats of other Destiny pc gamers by using our Destiny Profile Search Page. 

If you’re looking to put together the strongest fireteam of ragtag guardians to venture on Exotic Quests, Raid, Raid lairs, Crucible, and Vanguard, you’ll have some numbers to go by.

You can experience Destiny in your own way, but if you want to experience what the game really has to offer, then immerse yourself in its multiplayer platform. Destiny Carries LFG is were you can find players from all game platforms like PlayStation (PS4), Xbox, and of course for the PC. 

Prepare for Hard Mode, an experience like no other, as you team up with players from North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and just about everywhere in the world, dominating a multitude of challenges that the game has to offer. Or face off with the very same players you call your teammates in PVP for a chance at eternal glory.

We Have It All

Here you can find a way to get a fresh run and complete activities in PVE modes like Raids, Weekly Challenges in the Moon, Dreaming City and don’t forget the Shattered Throne. Complete the Garden of Sorrow, Last Wish, Leviathan Raid Royal Pools, Pleasure Gardens to receive powerful gear or new pieces of armor. 

Raid Lairs Eater of the Worlds, and Spire of the Stars. New Season of the Undying and Forsaken Raids like Garden of Salvation, The Last Wish, and Scourge of the Past. Defeat Sanctified Mind, Insurrection Prime, Kalli, Shuro Chi, Morgeth, Last Wish Vault, Riven, and finally Queenswalk for a chance to get the Thousand Voices. 

Don’t forget you can also find ways to complete Escalation protocol, Weekly Heroic Strikes, Nightfalls Ordeal, 100,000 Nightfall, Heroic Challenges, and Exotic Quest too. 

The PVP side you can immerse yourself in Trials of the Nine, Iron Banner, and Competitive Mode. So, if you’re looking for a group site that can help you with Destiny 2, reach out to us for our online destiny boosting service!